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   Chapter 2 Treasure-Hunting Compass

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Once Zachary had got his bearings and understood what the Olden World and the Supernal Continent were, he immediately looked at the compass he was holding, and mumbled to himself, "This Treasure-hunting Compass is more miraculous that I thought it was. It could take my soul to another time and space..."

The biggest technology company in the world had invented the Treasure-hunting Compass that Zachary had in his hand.

The most powerful function of the Treasure-hunting Compass was creating a second world in which adventurers could search for treasures.

Plus, its assisting system could also release quests on its own. Whoever successfully completed them would be awarded substantially. Those who were lucky could become millionaires in a matter of days. As a result, countless adventurers loved, and even worshiped the assisting system.

Since the Treasure-hunting Compass could not only create a second world, but also connect the real world with it, any item or creature could travel between those two worlds, seamlessly. Undeniably, that was a miracle!

Furthermore, the company gathered a hundred volunteers and planned to observe them while they regularly handled the Treasure-hunting Compass. That way, they would be able to fix bugs, if there were any, and ensure that it would not cause any health issues to the people using them. Zachary was one such volunteer.

To his surprise, the Treasure-hunting Compass had brought him to an entirely new world—one that was totally different from his.

At that moment, Zachary's eyes were glued to the crescent-shaped "Start" button. Moments ago, he had pressed that button, and its activated system had teleported him to the unknown world he found himself in at that moment. Therefore, he thought that if he were to press it again, he might be teleported back to the world he belonged to. Of course, there were also chances that he might find himself somewhere else.

Anyhow, Zachary pressed the button once again, hoping to get back to his familiar surroundings. No sooner had he done it than a faint blue light flashed from the device and enveloped his entire body. The next moment, before he could blink an eye, his body transformed into a tiny blue dot and vanished.

When Zachary opened his eyes again, he found that he was in a mysterious, actually, a three-dimensional virtual space. He immediately held his right hand over his eyes to protect them from the brilliant network of different hued lights that were flashing back and forth.

All of a sudden, a soothing, angel-like voice filled the space saying, "Welcome to the Treasure-hunting System. I'm your guide, Mimi."

"So, is this the Treasure-hunting System? I'm inside..." Zachary was surprised. After he had inspected his body, he was sure that it had entered the system. Therefore, it could only imply that the teleportation happened because of system failure.

"Ninety percent of the Treasure-hunting System is severely damaged. However, self-recovery will happen, but it will take a long time. Therefore, as of now, it can only support the most basic functions..." It was just as Zachary had expected! There was something wrong with the Treasure-Hunting System.

"Okay, I get it. Even though it's damaged, why did it teleport me to this space?" Zachary grumbled. In order for him to get back to his origin

al world, he had to get the Treasure-Hunting Compass fixed first. Worried, he asked, "Mimi, how long does it take to fix the system?"

"Since the damage is too severe, I cannot estimate accurately how much time self-recovery will take," Mimi replied.

Just as Zachary was about to ask more questions, the entire sky glistered with a bright yellow light, and Mimi reported in a girlish tone, "The Treasure-hunting System has found a new world—the Olden World... Supernal Continent... Scanning...

Map loading...

Data loading...

Historical records loading...

Loading complete!"

"Now, the Treasure-hunting System can directly load information about the world it has found!" Zachary could not believe what he had just heard.

As he was wondering, Mimi said, "Please enter your name!"

"Zachary Zi," Zachary quickly answered, snapping back to reality.


"I should be about... eighteen years old!"





"Personality!" "Hobby!"

After fifteen minutes or so, Zachary could not help but complain, "Mimi, are you doing a background check? That's more than enough!"

Suddenly, Mimi was silent. It seemed that Zachary's complaining had caused her to keep quiet. However, now that Mimi had not said anything for some time, Zachary was beginning to get worried.

"Alright, go ahead and ask!" He said so, because he felt that Mimi was angry with him. 'Even a virtual character has her temperament, though I've never heard about that!' Zachary thought to himself.

"Are you a homosexual?" Soon, Mimi asked another annoying question.

Zachary could not help rolling his eyes at her. "What kind of a system is this? Mimi, you're like a big-mouthed gossip!"

Suddenly, a huge screen appeared in front of his eyes, and a figure approximately his size, appeared on the screen. Following that, several beams of red light flashed on his body.

"Body inspection completed!" It was Mimi speaking again.

Meanwhile, some data was displayed on the virtual screen that was near the figure.

The concluding comment at the end read, "You're the weakest of the weakest in the Supernal Continent. You won't be able to even beat an ant there!"

"What kind of an assessment is that?" Zachary blurted out angrily, and cursed the system.

Just as he was getting impatient and annoyed, the entire surroundings were filled with a flashing red light, which seemed to be warning him.

"Congratulations! Even though physically and mentally you're weaker than the weakest of the Supernal Continent, you're blessed with double martial speed, which is rare—only one in a thousand has that!" Mimi exclaimed, excitedly.

"What are you saying? I don't understand any of that," Zachary pouted, getting confused once again.

"The world you're currently in is called the Olden World, and you are in the Supernal Continent. The warrior's career is the most popular in this world. There are eight levels associated with it, which are: the Mortal Level, the Earth Level, the Heaven Level, the King Level, the Imperial Level, the Sage Level, the Holy Level, and the Divine Level. Also, before becoming a warrior, one has to go through the Foundation Establishment, so in total, there are nine stages. However, in order to become a warrior, one has to at least own the original martial speed."

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