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   Chapter 92 Epilogue

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< Aero >

As if nothing happened, the normal life in Phanteon came back a day after the war. Normal for my subjects at least but for me, it was the start of my wonderful life together with my luna. There was certainly nothing normal in that considering I had been a woman hater all my life. Serena changed me and I was glad she did.

With her written speech safely inside my pocket, I neared her before she could climb up the podium.

The opening of the new market in Cirelles was postponed right after knowing both of its royals couldn't attend. The residents and businessmen said they owe it all to Serena's superb leadership and compassion so they decided to wait for us to be available. She was certainly ecstatic when she heard about this and didn't hesitate to leave our bed this morning.

"Ready?" I asked her when she ended her conversation with Alpha Margaret. They both stood in the sidelines, happily chatting while the attendees of the opening ceremony gradually thickened.

Alpha Aaron, Alpha Trevor, Alpha Edmond, Elijah, Rhea, and General Halcynos were present, already sitting in their seats awaiting the program.

Serena turned to me and nodded. "Yes, I am, " she said and shifted to face Chris who was already at the podium. I gestured for him to start. He took the mic and started his introduction of Serena.

While this was happening, I looped an arm around her waist and stopped her from climbing the stairs.

"Aero?" she asked, turning sideways to look at the grin forming on my lips. She had no clue what I was about to do since I blocked my thoughts from her reading.

Gently, I slid the paper inside her coat pocket and murmured, "You might need this."

With her brows twisted, she waited for me to step back before pulling out the paper from its enclosure. Her eyes widened instantly then.

"Oh, so you actually have this all along! I thought I lost this, " she exclaimed.

"I didn't read it, Serena, " I explained. "I mean, I wanted to, but I decided not to. Whatever it is inside that paper must surely mean to you and I wanted to respect that."

"Yes, it is, Aero, " she stated whilst cupping my face and giving me a gentle smile. "This will help me greatly. Thank you."

"Go ahead. Own the stage, " I told her.

She smiled widely right before she joined Chris.

"Good morning everyone, " her voice filled the entire square using the mic. All eyes and ears were on her. "It is my pleasure to see us all gather here to open our new market. Not a month ago, this place was engulfed by fire caused by malicious souls. But, it is said that from the ashes there starts a new life, and true to that statement, this is a new life for all of us."

I was proud to hear her words, the audience too for they bobbed their heads in affirmation.

"But before I would declare the market open, I'd like to share a secret with you..." she paused and hesitantly gave me a glance, "well, this was right before I discovered another secret that basically changed my entire existence, but anyway, allow me to be honest with all of you."

I opted not to read her thoughts this time as my way of respecting her privacy. Anyway, I didn't need to as she was about to confess whatever was on her mind.

"King Aero and I...we made a deal. I accepted his offer to marry him in order to save his crown and in return he brings me back to Earth."

'Ah, so that was what she wanted to come clean.′ I sat stiffly in my seat, feeling as if the scrutiny of everyone shifted to me, but somehow, a part of me wanted this out too, so I didn't feel as much guilty as I should be for fooling my kingdom.

"Yes, you heard it right. I am a h

r probably.

They all embraced, exchanged smiles and hellos while I waited.

Just then, the door opened and Marius came out. He smiled towards me as he approached and when he was a few feet away, he lowered his head.

"Your Majesty, welcome to Earth, " he greeted.

"Good job, Marius, " I told him with a pleased expression on my face.

"May I invite you inside? They probably need some more time with the greetings."

"Of course, " I nodded. "Lead the way."


Twenty-eight Days Later

< Serena >

"You really are counting down the days and minutes huh?" I remarked as Aero crawled on top me already butt naked and freshly showered.

I was already in our bed back in Phanteon, fresh from shower too and ready to doze off, or at least that was the plan until my husband arrived dripping with sexiness and hinting for some bed action.

Not that I hadn't expected this to happen. I just found it a lot exciting this time because the clock on the wall read one minute before twelve midnight and we both knew what that meant.

*My fae fever.*

"I didn't enter into abstinence for three weeks for nothing, Serena, " he groaned as he caged me in place with his lustful body.

I bit the inside of my cheek and giggled.

"Aero, it wasn't abstinence. It was just because of the food you ate in Spain that turned you swollen including your poor balls for three weeks, " I pointed out.

His expression turned sour.

"The most painful and utterly disgraceful time of my life...don't remind me that, " he complained.

I contained my laugh and just went on to touch his face.

"Oh my king, you certainly are insufferable. At least now your agony has ended."

His gaze dialed a shade darker and sexier.

"Indeed, it is, " he said with a mischievous grin. "And right on time." His right hand cupped my breast and using his thumb, pressed the protruding part against my thin chemise.

I took a sharp breath as my eyes directed their attention to his glorious cock.

"I suggest you prepare us a jug of water, Serena, for we won't be going anywhere, anytime soon, " he expressed, now circling his thumb around my nipple.

I tossed my hand to the side and waved once. A jug of water materialized on the bedside table complete with two glasses for us to use.

"I got it all covered, my king, " I stated, just as my other hand grabbed his cock.

He released a delightful groan. "This will be baby number one."

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