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   Chapter 91 Together

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< Serena >

The smell of blood, metal and burning wood filled my nostrils as soon as I left the forest floor. As oppose to earlier, the scene now in the Meadows was close to worrisome. There were more wounded faes, werewolves and lycans everywhere I looked, but at least, the good side here was that there were still zero deaths.

I figured I had to act fast now before the count changes to times ten.

Catching my husband's scent, I ran towards where he was. I saw him with Queen Adna, seriously talking despite the many spears surrounding him. I felt great relief wash over me thinking that he was now safe from Nevannir. He won their fight, but now I taught, maybe he was asking for more action with him in the same platform as my aunt.

Meters away, I also noticed my father fighting with Geraden. He looked epic in his wolf form: a combination of black and brown. I felt a rush of pride for him.

'Serena, now, ' Aero told me through mind-link. He must have sensed my presence. I tossed him a look, saw him nod, so I nodded back. I knew instantly what he was talking about.

My paws stretched, my body followed, and then, on top of my lungs, I howled. The sound was a hundred times as loud as before; its waves hitting each and every one in the battlefield both fae and werewolf. This paused their fights—Geraden and my father included—and they all looked at me in confusion and awe.

I shifted back to my human form and raised my hands. The words in my projection spell rushed out from my lips. They transformed into mist, climbing up the sky and coloring it with neon green and purple again.

With no one now to block my spell, pictures of the past started materializing. First it showed Geraden and King Alduin arguing, then the gruesome happened. I heard Queen Adna cry out as Sofia delivered the first blow. Then, saw her kneel down in anguish as Geraden finished the job. My husband was thoughtful enough to give her space. He just stood there and remained observant.

I directed my attention on the culprit. His face was as white as a ghost. My father took this as an opportunity to immobilize him, catching him off-guard by ramming his wolf head against Geraden's limping body.

He slammed hard on the ground. Blood spilled forth from inside his helm. He tried to summon a spell with his right hand, but was unable to when my father tore this limb off of his body.

I heard his high-pitched cry and took delight hearing it.

He tried another spell with his left hand, but again, the same treatment was given. My father's wolf spit out his second arm like a worthless bone some distance away. Blood on his fangs dripped onto the ground. It was a horrifying sight for the fae knights yet they didn't stop him. They actually gave him room, circling both of them as if this battle now highlighted their match.

Once I showed everything important to the faes and to my aunt, I ceased my projection spell and turned my attention to the platform wherein Queen Adna was still bawling her eyes out.

I poofed myself there and stood right next to my husband.

"Auntie, " I muttered cautiously. My heart sank seeing her like this. She didn't deserve this kind of treachery. She didn't deserve this kind of pain.

After tossing Aero a glance, I neared her and knelt down to her level.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, auntie. I'm sorry you had to go through the pain of losing uncle again, " I stated softly. I wanted to console her, so I reached out to her lowered head and pressed i

fore our family grows, Aero, ' I told him, showing him a tender look.

'Yes, ' he answered without delay.

"Together, " I said.

"Together, " he replied and without hesitation, pulled me close and gave me a toe-curling kiss. The cheers and howls of our people grew louder in response to this.




The End


< Elijah >

"Would you look at that, " I exclaimed, looking at my brother and his wife smooching like nobody was watching.

Beside me, Hale, slightly dirty and with only a scratch on his face, chuckled and shook his head.

"Everyone is happy, " I added and turned to him, "Are you happy?"

"Of course I am, " he simply answered, "I did my job correctly right?"

I grinned. "Yes, you did."

I remembered that time when I asked him to act as Serena's possible suitor just to provoke my brother and make him realize his feelings for her. Lord Hale easily accepted my proposal, not wanting to let this opportunity pass.

"But you overdid your acting a bit when you used your time freeze that night when Geraden visited Phanteon, " I pointed out to him.

"Hm, " he just shrugged his shoulders, "it's a necessary act to get the faes' trust."

I couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"You really are suicidal, Lord Hale."

"I did what you asked, Your Highness. Now, it's my time to collect payment, " he reminded.

"Of course, " I nodded. "I already gave you the Matrix ticket as payment for Rhea's release. I'll arrange General Halcynos to meet you as payment for your acting services."

"Adequate, " he replied, slowly moving away from me.

"But do you really think he'll have the answer you've been looking for?" I added.

He paused from walking and showed me his profile. "That's for me to find out, Your Highness. Say goodbye to those lovebirds for me."

I crossed my arms over my chest, watched my brother still smooching with Serena and released a sigh. I think it's time for me to see my bride...


Author's Note: So, here it is my cherished readers, we have finally arrived at the end. It is an inevitable truth in life. Thank you so much for journeying with me, Aero and Serena. We had a great time laughing with you, crying with you, and making love with you...uhm sorry, that sounded so wrong. 0_o Anyway, the Epilogue is available to read now. Go to the next page. ^_^

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