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   Chapter 89 Head’s Off

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< Aero >

"I know you can't change into your beast form in this plane!" he added. "You are weak when in your human form!"

I smirked at this.

"And that's where you're wrong again, Nevannir. There's a reason why I'm called the Alpha King, " I said, just as I shifted into my lycan form.

During my shift, some arrows melted due to the mere energy I had released. The remaining ones bent, broke and turned to dust as it contacted my lethal fur.

I honed in on Nevannir's presence again. Like a coward, he was still a safe distance away from me. Still invisible. I decided instead to give him a spook.

In just two strides, I was instantly in his front with my claws perfectly secured around his neck.

"Aeyaahh!" he actually cried like a banshee. His body, in response to the contact of my claws, lost its ability of invisibility.

Taken by surprise, he scratched my muscled arms, trying to free himself, but seeing as this wasn't enough, swords of different shapes and sizes materialized and skewered me.

Blood further oozed from my wounds. It added more pain all over my body. However, I felt perfectly within my full strength.

'You know what, Nevannir? I heal fast, ' I confessed through telepathy. 'Surely, you know that right? Or was it that you have forgotten? Too preoccupied with your delusions of grandeur?'

I squeezed his neck tighter and he struggled to gain air into his lungs. His nose bled further, his eyes splurt out a pinkish fluid and his face generally turned red as he gave me a scathing look.

"Also, you must know. I'm fucking immune to magic.'

I released him just as I returned us to his chamber.

His body dropped hard on the floor. He coughed up blood and coughed again, and then wheezed, trying his best to oxygenate his lungs.

Now thirsty for more, I grabbed his golden hair to the root and kicked him down so that the rest of his body would be kissing the floor.

'I told you already I don't share what's mine. Serena is my mate and for threatening her life, you get my fangs, ' I told him in his mind.

The red in his face drained and for the first time, I saw fear in his eyes. That smug expression of his was finally gone.

"Yo—u ca—n't kill m—e, " he rasped, "I'm a guar—dian!"

Speaking of which, two guardians I know by name appeared in our midst.

Kerus and Farryl.

"Yes!" Nevannir quickly shouted, his face a picture of hope. "My fel—low guard—ians, take me a—way!" He grabbed his hair and t

eauty was tainted with a scowl, but I was used to it ever since our first meeting in Ehnrelil.

"My name is Alpha King Aero, Queen Adna. Your niece's husband and mate. You should know that I respect your kind all because Serena is half-fae."

"She's a traitor!" she cried out, her eyes glowing with hatred. "She'll never be a fae."

I sensed her sorrow, it was so visible in her aura.

"Because of your grief, you have turned blind to what is in front of you. Serena is trying to save you and your people from destruction. She cares for this part of her identity too."

I stepped forward disregarding the spears still directed at me.

"Look at Geraden. Who is he fighting?" I gestured to the two who, even miles away, were still visible.

"The scum werewolf who killed my husband!" she answered, tears wetting her eyes.

"No, " I shook my head, "you're wrong, Queen Adna. That man is your sister's mate. Serena's father. General Halcynos never killed King Alduin. It was made to look that way by the very man you crowned king now. Geraden is the one who killed your husband. He has been controlling you all this time."

"That is a lie!" she gnashed her teeth and cried out. Her eyes shifted to the two again. Geraden was throwing energy blasts at General Halcynos. In retaliation, the latter jumped towards him and gave him a flurry of punches and kicks. I grimaced inwardly. He sure was going easy on him. If I was in his shoes, I would have already tore this pest of a fae's limbs one by one and gouge out his eyes.

"No, it's the truth, " I declared, managing to cool my voice, "and we have the very evidence to prove it."

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