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   Chapter 86 A Spiritual Connection

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< Aero >

"It is done, " Lady Yllana announced and glanced at me. She tossed the brassiere on Hale's way like it had cum on it, but the vampire lord just gladly caught it mid air and stuffed it back in his coat pocket.

When he showed the garment earlier to Serena, I caught a whiff of the murderer's scent. She was right to tell me this fae woman and the murderer-arsonist were the same. We shared the same anger and we shared the same desire to kill her, but I was pretty sure Serena wanted a one-on-one with this woman.

Returning my attention to the elder witch, she had already placed her hands on her lap and took a long, cleansing breath.

"When will she wake up, Lady Yllana?" I asked whilst sitting down on Serena's side. She looked peaceful, almost having a death-like sleep. If her carotid pulse wasn't visibly bounding then I would have thought her to be dead.

"Minutes from now, I reckon. Probably as fast as you. Queen Serena is your mate after all. Not to mention a hybrid, " she answered matter-of-a-factly.

Tenderly, I brushed my wife's cheek.

"Then, I'll stay here until she wakes up."

Without peeling my eyes off of her, I turned my attention to Serena's father who was still standing near the threshold.

"General, escort our guests to the other room, " I instructed, still feeling anxious with Hale's presence. I knew I had nothing to worry about when it came to Serena's attention. My anxiety was simply because Hale was my natural enemy. I still didn't think it was a wise idea to include him in this war, but I trusted and respected Serena's decision, so I allowed this in the end.

"Yes, Your Majesty, " General Halcynos lowered his head. Hale and Lady Yllana followed him to the war room while Elijah tossed me a short nod before following their footsteps.

Now that I was alone with my wife, I caressed her face more leisurely. I waited for her to stir and waited for her eyes to open, however, ten minutes passed and still she showed no signs of waking.

I decided to connect with her telepathically, my wolf to her wolf, but I received no response. That's when I realized something was greatly wrong.

"Lady Yllana!" my voice quickly boomed. "Inside, now!"

Not a second long, she entered with Elijah behind her.

"Something is not right. She is still not waking up, " I pointed out whilst holding her still-warm hand.

The witch's forehead wrinkled.

"Let me check her, " she said and neared us. First, she touched Serena's head, then she checked her wrists. My eyes were glued to whatever the witch was doing, but then William's voice resounded in my head.

'Your Majesty! The walls of Ehnrelil are lowering!'

'Lowering?' I mind-linked back.

'Hundreds of thousands of fae army are visible, Your Majesty, ' General Halcynos inserted, surprisingly already standing in the front line with Hale.

I smiled, the feeling of excitement and malice flooding inside me.

'Geraden, is he with them?' I asked.

′Yes, Your Majesty, ′ both of them replied.

′Good, ′ I nodded whilst my eyes fell on Elijah who was already looking at me with the same excited grin.

′Ready for battle, ′ I declared to them. ′Hold our lines until our queen wakes up. Leave Geraden to me.′

On impulse, my legs brought me up. Lady Yllana gave me a confident look.

"Queen Serena just needs a little more rest, Your Majesty. She'll wake up soon. In the meantime, I'll take care of her. Now, go, " she assured.

God knows I didn't want to leave my wife under such circumstances, but I was also needed in battle. If I needed to leave Serena to someone with more than capable hands, then it would be with the most-trusted witch in Agotta, Lady Yllana.

I nodded and with a puffed up chest, I marched to the opening. Elijah was already way ahead of me, already shifting to his werewolf form and already joining the front line, obviously itching for some exercise.

I was just about to step ou

stay sane...

In one of my wanderings too, I happened to discover an inner room. It didn't take me long to realize Nevannir had made a home in this cave. The sprawled parchments, stacks of books, light pillars and writing materials were all over the place. He had an overly decorated four-poster bed on one side and a study table on the other.

This study table I decided to check and true enough, my hunch was right. He had been researching about dark magic and even practicing them. This was exactly the reason why he was able to trap me in this spiritual plane. Huh, what a sicko.

An idea suddenly formed in my head and with this, I hastened to flip the books and open the parchments in the hopes of finding an answer to my predicament. Minutes later, I was able to find one but it entailed the conjurer—namely Nevannir—to lift my spiritual cage.

Urgh. Figures.

Seeing as I had no other way out of this problem, I sank to the floor and decided to reevaluate my situation. I tried my luck again in communicating with my husband; really, really focused on our bond and used my fond memories with him to heighten up my call.

And this time, I suddenly felt like I was submerged in water. I stretched my fingers and noticed them actually dripping with the transparent liquid.

'Serena, love, ' out of the blue, Aero's voice rang inside my head, 'if you can hear me, come back to me.' I quickly balled my eyes out. There was no better sound than to hear his voice inside my head.

'I don't need to use any cheesy lines, ' he continued as spiritual tears fell down my cheeks. 'I know you know my love for you is endless. Just come back to me and we will crush all our enemies together.'

Oh, yes, I'd like that, I thought.

'Afterwards, you and I will make lots of babies.'

I half-laughed and half-sobbed.

'We are going to name them with exotic names like Snape and Shera, Quincy and Zelda. You like that would you?'

Oh hell no! My mind cried out just as I cringed at the thought of our little angels actually called with those names. He was joking right?! I was sure he was joking!

My spiritual body then glowed and right before I knew it, I was waking up underwater with Aero close to me, in our full wolf form. I was beautiful and he was handsome, and we, as wolves, were perfect together.

'Your speech is very enticing, Aero, ' I mind-linked him. ′But ditch those names please.′

He chuckled at this. 'Of course, ' he answered.

He caressed me with his snout and licked my mate mark with passion. 'Welcome back, my queen, care for a run?'

I hummed an affirmative. 'You lead, my king.'

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