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   Chapter 85 The Awakening

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< Serena >

"You're biting off more than you can chew, Nevannir, " I hurriedly said. "I've always thought of you as an intelligent man. I never expected you to be delusional too."

"I'm a visionary, Priestess Serena, and my visions see you by my side as my queen, " he finalized.

"Return me to my body, now, " I ordered, my ears done with hearing his delusions.

He tsk'd and shook his head slowly, "I'm afraid I can't."

His eyes became hooded, finally showing the darkness in his soul. Instant chills crept up my nape. I expected him to be righteous, but it seemed his definition of righteousness differed from the normal. Fuck.

"You will have to stay here until King Aero butchers Geraden, Queen Adna and the rest of the High Elders, " he went on. "He'll do the dirty work for me."

I hauled in a deep, confident breath.

"Yes, he would kill them, make no mistake in that, " I said sharply, "but he'll also figure out I'm trapped in this plane. He'll come to rescue me and your pathetic little charade will be over."

He scoffed in response.

"I wouldn't be too confident, Serena. To address your mate bond with that wolf, I already created a plan. The fae army will slaughter him and all of Phanteon. Once he's dead, you will be free and I can undoubtedly possess you."

This time, my anger really did spike up.

"Hmf, you're not only delusional but psychotic too, " I lashed, my knuckles turning white. First, Geraden. Second, Sofia. Now, him. Great.

"Release the fae army from their eternal sleep, Priestess, " he stated, pointing to the live statues spread as much as my eyes could see.

I sneered at him. "You honestly think I'll do that?"

"Hm-hmmm, " the sudden sing-song sound he produced caused my brow to arch. "I figured you'd say such, " he continued, smiling, just as he pulled out something under his clothing.

"Remember this?" He lifted the object in the air for me to see. My eyes immediately rounded.

"My bracelet!" I exclaimed. At the back of my head, I recalled how I left that said jewelry in my bedroom the evening of the masquerade ball and actually never got to wear it again. It had slipped my mind and now I understood why.

"Since your memory has returned, of course you know what this is for, " he stated and I knew it to be true. I remembered how the High Elders used that God-forsaken jewelry to force out the truth from their subjects, exactly like Wonder Woman's lasso of truth.

"However, King Aero doesn't know that I tweaked this bracelet a bit, " he confessed.

I narrowed my eyes at him. What a fucking sly pest.

"When King Aero talked about you and when he showed me the filliyaens, I quickly deduced the facts. There was no question you were Ehnrelil's lost rogue priestess. Your guardian spirits never make a mistake.

pped his chin, tiptoed and planted a tongue-thrusting kiss on him. I almost gagged upon witnessing the sight.

"I'll see you later, " she added thereafter with a suggestive smile.

Like what I learned in the past using ancient fae magic, she hovered above the warrior's heads and opened up a number of portals for them to cross.

While this was happening, Nevannir neared me and acted like he was about to caress my face. With a frown, I didn't move knowing he couldn't touch me. Being a temporary phantasm sure has its advantages.

"Does Bitch Sofia know you are two-timing?" I asked.

Nevannir simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "She thinks I'm merely toying with you."

"She's a dumb woman then, " I spewed, my voice like poison. Directing my eyes again at the scene behind him, I saw the one mentioned disappear into the portal. I internally promised myself to hunt her down the moment I get out of this plane.

"Serena, you were like a little mouse in the past. So frail. So easily emotional. So easily bullied, " Nevannir started, taking back my attention. "But you suddenly became confident, strong-willed, determined, and I like that about you. In good time, you'll see that we compliment each other. We make for the best couple to become King and Queen of Ehnrelil."

"Even in your dreams, Nevannir, that wouldn't happen, " I told him.

"Hmm, I don't dream, Precious. I'm a guardian remember?" he cracked another grin at me before turning around and stopping near a new portal he created. "Get cozy in this cave for the meantime."

"Where are you going? Let's chat some more!" I mocked.

"I'm afraid I can't miss the battle of the century, Serena. I must see it, but don't worry, I'll bring your body when I get back."

I hissed again. His threat hit a nerve, yes, but I was more than confident Aero wouldn't allow that to happen.

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