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   Chapter 84 Obsessed Fan

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< Serena >

Stories of an Elemental Witch's prowess had reached my years while I was still training to become a priestess. I had never seen one up close nor had I actually witnessed their powers. Good thing, today, I was going to finally see it and even experience it first-hand.

There was no limit to what Lady Yllana could see when her hands touch an object both living, dead or otherwise. Knowing this, I had Lord Hale bring an object that belonged to my beast friend Sofia and he produced a brassiere, no surprise in that, but still I tossed him an incredulous look.

"Really, of all the things you could have brought, you chose this?" I complained whilst holding the garment up high for Aero and Lady Yllana, my father and Elijah to see.

Lord Hale just gave me a shrug. "Aside from her underwear, Your Highness, she keeps on leaving that in my room, so I chose what was convenient."

I rolled my eyes heavenward and released a sigh of surrender.

"Alright, whatever, as long as it really belonged to Sofia, otherwise, our plan won't work."

I handed it to Lady Yllana who was already sitting on a stool and she took it.

"You may lie down now, Your Highness, " she instructed, pointing to the leather chaise lounge near her.

I obliged, snatching a look at my husband before I fully spread my back on the furniture.

Aero underwent this kind of insertion spell back when he wanted the truth out about the witch murders. It was taxing as per his words, but I was ready for it. My plan would only work if I could witness first-hand what Sofia and Geraden did to King Alduin. It was my trump card against the lies he had spun all these centuries. It was my ticket to helping Queen Adna realize she had a traitor beside her.

Lady Yllana gestured for me to close my eyes and I did. I felt her wrinkly but warm hand on my forehead thereafter, followed by her chanting of some witch spell. The next thing I knew, I was in Ehnrelil, in the royal garden to be specific. I was see-through, almost like a ghost. I instantly felt like a spy.

I heard male voices first, two of them and they were arguing. With my brows furrowed, I followed the noise until it led me to a modestly sized pavilion covered in snow-green vines. Aware that I was only watching a memory of the past, I confidently walked inside and quickly found the first king of Ehnrelil, King Alduin, and his twisted brother, High Elder Geraden.

'Geraden, stop. I forbid you to do anything to Lady Cyrena. Let her be. She is happy now. Let her be free, ' King Alduin announced just as he grabbed Geraden's elbow to stop him from exiting the edifice.

The latter looked at his brother with displeasure.

'No, I can't allow that wolf to take her away from me!' I heard Geraden say and silently, I cringed. 'They don't belong to each other. She's fae! She can't possibly mate with a beast!'

'Beta Halcynos is no beast, brother. He is one of t

here?" I asked quickly, remembering just how much he possessed unique powers that were beyond allowable as a guardian.

He tossed a small smile on my way before replying, "Only in spirit, Priestess Serena. Your body is still in the tent with Lady Yllana and the others who are clueless."

Upon hearing it, I was stupefied for a moment. If he said 'in spirit', then it meant he interjected himself during Lady Yllana's insertion spell and pulled me out without her knowing?! Did Nevannir actually have that kind of ability? I asked myself, but then again, I recalled, my intel about him had always been limited from the start.

I checked my hands, my arms and legs, and true to his word, I was still see-through.

"Honestly, I was having a difficult time planning on how to bring you here when you are so well-guarded by King Aero. When I sensed your soul outside of your body, that's when I realized I had to take advantage, " he continued.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked, knotting my brows. "Don't tell me you're under Geraden's order? I thought you hated the man?"

"Affirmative, " he nodded. "I still hate him, Priestess, but I saw him as a means to an end too. A pawn shall I say."

"Pawn?" I parroted and that's when all red flags in my head stood up. "Don't tell me you've gone rogue too."

"What I can I say? I was inspired by you, " he cracked a grin.

"Guardians are supposed to be loyal to their kingdom and to the people who rules it, " I reminded him, clenching my hands.

"Not when the king and queen are unfit to rule, " he corrected.

He was definitely referring to Queen Adna and Geraden.

"I want a glorious fae kingdom, Priestess, " he announced, facing the fae army and tossing his hands up in the air, "And I want you to become its queen." He lowered his arms and this time, faced me with a proud grin, "With me as king of course."

I recoiled inside. Ah, fuck. Now, I got myself an obsessed fan.

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