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   Chapter 82 The Alpha King's Gifts

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< Serena >

Aero said to dress up so I did, going straight to my closet and rummaged its contents. Expecting a fight soon, I figured I needed to wear an appropriate clothing. Luckily, I was able to find one in my wardrobe: a three-toned, gray, black and red, leather-like coat-dress that looked nothing formal or fancy.

It had a pirate-ty vibe to it with the big buttons and wide waist strap, but it certainly wasn't meant to be worn by a sword-swinging buccaneer. It was more similar to the suits in Assassin's Creed, only that it was a female version of it. I paired it with black leggings and wore knee-length boots to finalize my outfit. I may not know if this was what the other she-wolves wear in their human form during a fight, but I was pretty sure this was totally the best ensemble to kick that bitch Sofia's butt.

Rhea, after Aero ordered a servant to summon her, helped me prepare. She was very worried with what was happening in the kingdom and I could also pick up the concern in her eyes for me. Confident of my plan, I reassured her that everything would end up...well, less bloody. She gave me a big sisterly hug and wished me safety before I left her.

When I went back to my husband's chamber, Aero was already standing in his receiving room's balcony. It seemed we had the same idea in mind because he wore a battle suit of the same leather-like material, paired it with black gloves that would have been a BDSM tool under different circumstances, a heavy-looking dark blue coat and a pair of black combat boots. His overall aura made him look deliciously dangerous, for me at least.

He lifted his hand palm up and invited me to take it.

I did and before I knew it, we were in the Salviste Lake, under the gloomy morning sky.

Aero took me to the spot where we used to stay when we were but forming our innocent friendship in the past. He motioned for me to sit on one of the big roots jutting out from the ground near the tree trunk while he stood in front of me, spearing me with his deep gaze.

"Wait here, " he said just as he took his coat off and tossed it onto another jutting root nearby.

I lifted a confused brow at him while he turned around and strode to the shoreline. To my surprise, he didn't stop there. He moved forward until the lower half of his body was covered in the glowing water.

"Aero!" I cried out whilst standing up, unable to understand his actions.

He didn't reply. He just continued with whatever he had in mind and dove into the water.

'Wait here, ' he said earlier and like an obedient mate, I did, but I counted down the seconds—all seventy seconds of it—until he resurfaced and dragged his wet form into land.

The first thing I noticed when he was partly out of the water was the piece of flat wood he held on his right hand. It was three rulers long and two rulers wide. I furrowed my brows in additional confusion, but as I stared at it more and as he moved closer to me and lifted it up, it became clear what it was.

"The painting!" I gasped, my eyes turning to saucers. I couldn't believe I was looking at the mirror image of that painting I bought on Earth, the one where it transported me to Phanteon, in Aero's bed to be exact.

It looked the same: from the mixture of colors, the vividness of the mountains, trees and castle, down to the complexity of the brush strokes. The fact that he hauled it from the depths of the lake and it still remained unspoiled ble

to be denied entry by a piece of clothing, so he took the shortcut. The ripping sound of success told me he had found a way nearest my folds.

"Goodness, yes, " I moaned when he inserted his fingers directly to my channel; my underwear shoved to the side for easier access.

He released a delighted groan when three of his fingers were immediately saturated with my juices. "You're so ready, " he murmured on my ear.

"Yes, I am, " I whimpered.

He poised his erection at my entrance, the blunt tip hitting my quivering folds, then staring deeply into each other's soul, he pierced me deep.

"Oh! Ohhh..." I mewled at the fullness of the contact.

I grabbed both of his shoulders, seeing them as a good support when he pulled his cock out and rammed it back in.

"Aero...yes!" I exclaimed in a ragged voice.

His warm breath met mine before I knew he was once again claiming my mouth. In a flurry of passion, we shared another fiery French-kissing.

He continued to pump up, elevating me to new heights with each insertion. I rocked my hips too, tossed my head and arched my back when the feeling became too much.

Undergoing the same thing, I saw his jaw tense. His grip on my waist tightened, probably reddening my skin there. His thrusts became harder, his balls hitting my inner skin faster.

"I'm almost there, Aero! Oh, yes..I'm going to cu...ahhh!"

I took a sharp breath when rapture hit me; my clit throbbing like crazy and my inner walls shaking like a fucking 9.0 earthquake. Aero followed me no less than a second and got his own powerful release. I felt his seed filling me full; my uterus accepting them with hundred percent enthusiasm.

Partly dizzy, I planted a kiss on his jaw. He kissed me back but on my forehead.

"Fucking exactly what I envisioned in my boyish fantasy, " he announced.

"Glad I fulfilled that wish, " I chuckled lightly.

"Ohhhh...damnn..." we both mumbled when he pulled his semi-solid cock out.

I bit my bottom lip and stared at it with longing when he housed it back under his pants.

"You'll see it again later, " he teasingly stated, "Are you ready for another surprise now, my queen?"

"What? There's more?" my eyelids fluttered.

"Of course, " he answered and grabbed my wrist. "Come. I'm sure you'd love to meet them."

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