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   Chapter 69 The Queen's Heart

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< Serena >

Hurt wasn't an enough word to describe what I felt while looking at the betrayal before me. Pain of any physical kind couldn't even match up to the anguish I felt deep inside.

What I felt was pain caused more than slicing me open with a blade, more than pouring acid on my insides, more than chopping me into pieces, more than bleeding me dry...

My bright world had completely turned dark and gloomy and for a brief moment, I thought I had died.

Actually, dying was preferable than witnessing this highest form of treachery. What was worse was I was present to witness it all. Inch by inch of their nakedness. Inch by inch of their lewd connection.

They were so engrossed that none of them appeared to notice me. Rhea kept on moaning loudly, enjoying every bit of Aero's embedded cock, while the latter was in his own world of pleasure, grunting and groaning. The tautness of his muscles, the length of his shaft slipping in and out of my friend's sex, his completely elated face--eyes closed and mouth formed into a 'hiss'--it was the most painful picture I had ever seen.

At the back of my head, I wished and prayed that this was all just a dream. That I'd soon wake up from this nightmare, but no...

This was really real.

I felt a crushing weight on my chest. I couldn't breathe properly. My fingers, they all turned cold and trembled wildly. I clasped my hands together in the hopes of controlling them and crossed my arms over my chest in an act of embracing myself.

Consoling myself...

My God...I thought.

Was that why they were so secretive earlier in the dining room? Her, asking to ′talk' to him in private?

Moving further back, was that the reason why they were both absent this morning and afternoon?

Had they been fucking all this time? Had they been fooling me? Making me think that she was in love with Elijah and Aero with me?

Had Aero been that quick-hearted? Just because I was being honest with my feelings, unsure as it maybe, that he'd speedily jump into another woman?

Just because he had finally tasted the pleasures of a pussy that he'd want to sample all females now?

Was this the real reason why he didn't want to mark me?

Hot tears fell down my cheeks unhindered. It was like a river, with deep sadness as its driving force.

I didn't know what to think anymore. I didn't know what to say, but I knew the more I looked at them in their pleasurable world, the more I felt embarrassed.

Huh. Me, embarrassed.

I actually thought I was intruding them than discovering an illicit affair.

My legs felt frozen. I couldn't seem to take another step, but unable to watch them any further I willed my legs to move.

With a soft sob, I left the bedroom and walked straight to the main door, planning to hide myself in my room where no one would see me cry.

I was about to open the door, but then, a thought crossed my mind.

"No, " I muttered, knotting my brows.

I shouldn't feel embarrassed. I shouldn't be afraid to confront them. I was the one who was being wronged at. I was the victim!

But this wasn't the very idea that encouraged me to go back. It was my intuition, my feeling that something was wrong.

"This doesn't add up, " I murmured.

All I experienced with Aero these past few days: his warmth, his genuine care, his possessiveness, the loving way he looked at me, his reassuring words, even his hatred and arrogance, they were all real, and I thought, he would never do this to me.

He would never betray me.

Taking a deep breath, I turned back and marched into the bedroom with fire in my wet eyes.

"Alright!" I shouted just as the double doors swung open. "I know you're not my husband, so let's cut the bullshit acting. Reveal yourself!"

Aero and Rhea stilled. They both looked at me, but the former was the one who actually chuckled.

Chuckled first like how the real Aero would with his rich voice but it soon changed into a woman's.

"Impressive. You amaze me, Your Highness, " he said, curving up his lips into a wicked smile.

Then, as I continued to glare at him, his face and body morphed into someone I didn't expect at all.


gentle smile.

With that, she disappeared, leaving me and my husband alone.

A desire within me was lit that instant. Aero squeezed my hand again in response, no doubt feeling the same.

"Serena..." he mumbled and faced me.

I cupped his cheek and thumbed his lips as sensually as I could.

"Aero, please, can you mark me now?" I requested, my eyes pleading.

His hazel-greens turned hooded and he growled low before wrapping an arm around me and pulling me close.

"With pleasure, my queen."

In a flash, our mouths crashed and our tongues smashed against each other. Aero lifted me up the floor and I reactively looped my legs around his waist.

I was in dire need of him inside me and in dire need of him marking me that the waiting hurt so much.

"Please, I can't...wait any...longer!" I ordered again in between our kisses.

He chuckled at this.

Still wildly kissing, he arranged me in the center of the bed. I grabbed his coat, unbuttoned it as fast as I could, pulled it off of his arms thereafter before aiming for his undershirt.

But, he untangled himself suddenly and knelt before me.

With both hands, he grabbed the neckline of my chemise and ripped it in one move.

"Aero!" I cried out. He didn't really need to do such drastic measure again when I could have easily undressed myself out of it.

My husband though only hummed.

He lowered his head, neared his eager mouth on my breast and dined my nipple full.

I tossed my head back and moaned hard when I felt his warm tongue wrap around the tip.


"Say you love me again, Serena, " he ordered sternly against my breast, then bit the fleshy part that bounced for him.

"I love you, " I whimpered.

His excellent fingers entered my underwear and found my dripping sex. He slid two in between my folds and ordered again, "Louder, Serena. I like how those words sound when you speak them."

I squirmed underneath him when his fingers advanced. "I Love You!" I cried out harder.

He faced me, gave me a victorious smirk before capturing my lips again.

His fingers and his tongue were both heaven-sent, but unfortunately, I had become greedy. I wanted his cock too and I wanted it inside me asap.

"Aero, fill me now, " I asked, palming his bulge.

He traced his tongue down my neck as tortuously slow as he could and whispered on my ear, "Yes, I'm going to fill you full, my queen, and I'm going to mark you at the same time you'd experience the best kind of euphoria in your life."

He pulled away, ripped his undershirt, pulled his slacks and boxers in less than five seconds and stood in front of me naked, like the mouthwatering Alpha King that he was.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

I nodded slowly and gulped.

Hell, yes, I am ready.

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