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   Chapter 67 The King and His Holy Restraint

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< Aero >

I would have preferred to bring her in my chamber to finish what I started, but like Elijah said, we were needed in the party.

Serena was quick enough to compose herself once she realized we were back in the stage. Spotlights immediately found us, giving us no room to talk. She just gave me a meaningful glance just as the voice-over explained the steps of the ritual. I decided to control my unstable self; promising to question her for later.

Yes, blessing the snow moon was part of Phanteon tradition. The Alpha King and his Luna was expected to do the ritual; raising a plate of wheat in the air against the moon's light together with a chalice of water and the first pup of the year's cloth wrapping.

The whole time, I guided Serena through the process since she was still learning our traditions. In the end, she looked effortless, not rousing any suspicion at all from all who watched her. Well, either that or the guests were just in awe of us that they didn't bother on the minute details. For both of us, this was our first executed blessing.

We ended the ritual with a traditional prayer, asking for a fruitful year of harvest and offsprings. Cheers erupted in the hall afterwards and the voice-over started another round of chants: "Hail King Aero and Queen Serena!"

The people around us chorused and clapped their hands enthusiastically. I had never seen a genuine reception like this before even in my father and mother's hosted party. It was filling me with pride and joy.

But, only for a moment however because just as the party started to go on full swing and the attention wasn't on us anymore, I grabbed Serena's hand and led her to the hidden room at the back of the stage.

Once we were inside, I trapped her against the door. Her back hit with a thud just as I slammed a palm onto the hard wood. A considerable splintering appeared around the edges. It worsened when my claws dug deeper. This was my way of displacing my anger and frustration. Better the inanimate object than her.

Looking down, our eyes met. Hers was searching. Mine was in turmoil.

With my free hand, I caressed her cheek and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Help me, Serena, " I whispered, gritting my teeth. "I don' contain my jealousy."

Her lips parted slightly in a slow inhale. She angled her head to the side after taking her mask off, closed her eyes, and sandwiched my palm with both of her hands, looking like she was savoring the warmth it had emitted.

"Aero, your jealousy is misguided, " she said, then gazed at me with the most serious expression on her face. "Nothing happened between Hale and I."

'I know that, but...'

"Still, I want to know what happened, " I voiced out. "What were you two talking about?"

"Is that an order or a—"

"It's an order, Serena, " I interrupt

then, enter Serena in my life and all my beliefs crumbled. She had thought me a lot, made me experience many things I never knew possible in my self-imposed gloomy life.

Thinking about it now, indeed, she had freed me. She had brought me out of the darkness. She was my true mate. She was destined for me.

"You're not going to ask why I haven't marked you?" I questioned, grabbing her arm to direct her focus back to me.

I was ready to bleed my emotions to her, ready to spill it all, ready to tell her I was falling for her, hard, and that at this moment, I wanted to mark her, but then she answered in the most honest way possible: "I won't, because I'm not even sure myself if I wanted you to mark me."

Her words caught me by surprise, and admittedly, it really did stung my heart. However, I couldn't blame her. She was in a different world, unsure of her identity, and with a man who still...or now selectively hates women and could turn into a beast anytime. Sealing our bond meant commitment. Marking her meant she was ready to submit her all to me, including her heart.

"That's exactly the reason, Serena. We already had a forced wedding, a forced bond in the first place. I need to mark you with your consent, " I explained, choosing this convenient reason instead.

"Until you are ready..." I continued and pulled her in for a tight embrace.

'Until you admit you love me...′ my thoughts concluded.

Thick silence filled the room. I didn't press her to answer, not verbally at least. Tipping her chin up, I held her gaze, telling her in silence how much she meant to me.

"I know you're not a very patient man, Aero, " she stated, giving me a partly worried, partly relieved smile.

"I will try for you, " I said promptly, then seized her lips.

That night, we made love. The third phase of the snow moon was the sole witness of how much my restraint was tested.

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