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   Chapter 65 A Dangerous Tango

The Alpha King's Claim By JMFelic Characters: 11015

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< Serena >

"Lord Hale!" I gasped, so sure of myself despite not seeing his face.

He chuckled underneath the mask first before taking it off and dropping it to the floor.

"You're very perceptive, my queen."

He reached out trying to take my mask too. Quickly, I moved back, disengaging myself from his hold.

"As far as I remember, you're not invited in this party, " I stated whilst giving him a frown.

He just tipped his head ever so slightly to the side in response.

"Have I ever cared for such insignificant invitations?" he said.

He stepped forward, I stepped back. Deep inside me, my heart was hammering a beat of fear. I tried to keep my face neutral and my spine straight. If anything, I didn't want him to see me cowering, but still flashes of pictures of him soon biting me still leaked out of my traitorous thoughts.

"Aero can't stop me from seeing you, Serena. Or even the mutts he employed to secure the castle."


That doesn't surprise me at all. Vampires, they were sneaky creatures of the dark, especially one with a noble descent, namely this man.

"Right, " I snorted, putting up a brave face. "Then, shall we go inside? Let your presence be known to him and all the other guests."

Swiftly, his hand was on my shoulder. I didn't even saw him lift it and that alone supported my reason for fearing him. He might be using his powers on me for all I know.

"Why be hasty? Let's stay for awhile longer, " he smiled. "This night deserves to be savored with a woman, especially a queen that is 'horny' still. I could still smell your lust, Serena. It's giving me the best kind of chill."

"Not directed to you, I'm sure, " I spat.

"He hadn't touched you yet?" was his bold question. I remained silent.

"Hmm, that's a shame. I would have already claimed you if you were mine."

'Aero has already claimed me you stupid vampire!' I shouted in my thoughts. I so wanted to tell him that but refrained. He didn't deserve to know.

"My sex life is not your business, Lord Hale, " I stated, then moved forward towards the glass door.

In reaction, he gripped my elbow tightly and blocked my exit.

"I said stay, Serena. I will not ask again." The tone of his voice gave a hint of a threat. I clenched my teeth and hissed at him.

"By any chance, did you plan this with Farryl?"

He cocked a brow in response. "Whatever do you mean?"

"This, " I pointed to the current situation we were in. "You being here. I am inclined to believe that Farryl led me here to meet you."

His stance. His expression. His overall bearing didn't change. Either he was good at acting, or he just didn't know what I was blabbering about.

"Why would you think that? I am not in alliance with her despite how much we both hate your husband." He cracked a wide grin then and sighed. "Ooops, apologies Your Highness, my tongue slipped."

I inhaled sharply. "I'm well aware werewolves and vampires hate each other, Lord Hale. You don't need to hide that from me."

"Ah, you're a really precious woman, " he replied, attempting to touch my cheek, but I quickly jerked away.

He didn't look offended with this. In fact, he was grinning still as if he was enjoying our less than warm interaction.

"Honestly, I hadn't seen or even talked to that guardian

: from confusion, to enchantment, then to an emotion akin to shock.

He released me in less than a second; speedily holding his right hand as if it had just been stung by the bug.

I was dumbfounded with this development. Did my bugs just saved me? I asked myself.

"Step away from my wife, " a warning growl filled the air suddenly, and in a blink of an eye, I saw Aero already standing behind Lord Hale; a claw with the sharpest nails I had ever seen wrapped around the vampire's pale neck.


My spirit jumped in joy.

"How audacious of you to come to this party when you're not invited, " he grounded; his eyes full of spite. "This is strike two, Hale."

"Your Ma-jes-ty, " Lord Hale said, but even when held hostage, his tone still dripped with mockery. "Violence is not necessary. No harm done to the queen, see?"

Aero's gaze flitted to me; the depths of his hazel-greens swirled with concern and anger.

"I'm fine, Your Majesty, " I confirmed.

Noticing the tick in his jaw, I realized he was battling on whether to release his prisoner or not, or to kill or spare him—whichever was applicable. I decided to stop him instead, not because I worried for the vampire lord, but because this beautiful night didn't deserve bloodshed.

"I am 'fine', " I tossed my husband a sharp look.

He didn't budge. Instead, he turned his attention to Lord Hale and said, "I could smell your scent lingering on her skin, Hale. I don't like it. Touch her again and you'll find yourself headless in a second."

My blood ran cold when I saw both Aero and Lord Hale's eyes turn murderous.

These two men...really.

Luckily, Prince Elijah stepped inside the terrace and broke the tense atmosphere.

"Brother, you and Queen Serena are needed in the stage. The blessing of the snow moon is about to begin, " he informed whilst lowering his head; acting like he just didn't see the two men about to throw punches at each other.

On impulse, I grabbed Aero's hand and pulled him away from the vampire lord, aiming for the glass door, but the tables soon turned to his side.

The next thing I knew, Aero was kissing me heavily, sensually in front of Lord Hale and Prince Elijah.

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