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   Chapter 64 A Dead Giveaway

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< Serena >

Pretending that everything was fine–like I didn't have an orgasm in front of all these people–I controlled my panting state and looked up. The man who had unknowingly interrupted us stood a couple of feet away, his innocent eyes lit towards me.

Aero was seething, I could tell from the tight fist he made under the table, but he also was in control, making a considerate expression when he realized who it was.

"Your Majesty, " General Halcynos lowered his head and placed a hand on his chest. "May I request one dance with Queen Serena? It would be an honor for this poor, old man."

I awarded him a smile, one that was agreeable to his request. The man was asking properly, but of course, the last decision would come from Aero, so I turned to him and waited for his answer.

His face didn't show any anger. It was masked well with his neutral expression. Then, suddenly, a quirk on his mouth appeared and then

specially the view in the distance that boasted a different side of the nearby town.

"You are certainly tempting me by coming into this secluded place, my queen, " I turned with a start when someone whispered near my ear.

In a heartbeat, I was pressed up against a rigid body of a man. A hand snaked around my waist, pushing me closer than I was comfortable, while another hand tipped my chin, lifting my face up to meet his stare. It was so intense, so powerful that for a moment I thought it was my husband.

For one, he was wearing the same-colored mask, but as I examined further, it wasn't the shape of a wolf's. It was a tiger's. Second, this man, although wearing the same-colored black tux, didn't have the imposing stance like my husband. Plus, he sported a long black cape, totally looking like the phantom of the night.

However, what really caught my notice was this man's icy cold hand. It was a dead giveaway.

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