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   Chapter 50 The King Prefers it More

The Alpha King's Claim By JMFelic Characters: 8356

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< Serena >

"Then, I'll kiss you back."

I flung my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. He followed my lead and claimed my lips once more.

As promised, I reciprocated his ardor. Our tongue sparred. Our mouths molded. I couldn't breathe properly, but again, I didn't care. He was my oxygen. The longer we kissed, the more alive I felt.

I couldn't really describe how good it was to finally set my desire free. From my sexual dreams with him to the real yearning from deep within my heart, I was certain I was on the right path. Never mind the fact that we were in different worlds. Never mind the fact that he was a werewolf and I, a human. Never mind the fact that he hated women. We both wanted each other and that was enough.

His hands moved to cup my breasts. They were already aching to be attended. With his thumbs, he pressed my nipples again and rolled them in an excruciatingly delicious fashion.

I bit his bottom lip as an impulsive response. Goddammit, it was making me go wild.

He stopped our kiss to hike down to my neck and again, with his tongue, he lapped me from my throat up to my chin. I shivered at the contact. Such sensation was exquisite. Maybe it was a special skill learned from being a wolf?

His hands stopped from kneading my breasts. I groaned in disappointment, but he soon replaced it with his mouth. I honestly felt like mush when he sucked on one breast. His tongue was divine on my nipple. The way he flicked it, circled it, sucked it hard—I was easily addicted. Then, he moved to the other and did the same thing all over again.

I buried my hands in his fine locks. It was the only thing I could do as he ate me.

He continued his exploration of my body; caressing every part of me like I was a damned goddess, and when I said, every part of me, I meant it. The water didn't hinder him from taking his full share of the meal. I watched with lazy lids as he slowly dipped underwater and venerated my core. I was a moaning mess the whole time.

Honestly, I didn't know how long the king could hold his breath, but he took his time there: spreading my legs, licking my folds, sucking my clit, gratifying me in a whole different level. The pressure of my womb reached its peak. It wanted release, but I didn't give it. I wanted to explode with him. Preferably his cock inside me.

By the time he resurfaced, he was a holy vision. Water dribbling from his dark locks created runnels on his bare chest. My hands hastened to feel his muscles:

orgasm of his own.

Hot semen splurt inside me. I clenched my inner walls milking it more. His chest vibrated at the action, liking what I did. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea, having unprotected sex and all, but I guess it was too late to think about that now.

"Fuck, this is better than my dreams, " he murmured; releasing a long sigh near my ear.

I bit my lips and chuckled. "Yes, I agree."

We stayed still, just catching our breaths, just feeling how close we had gotten together. Oddly enough, I didn't feel his cock softening. It was still thick and hard inside me.

Minutes later, he withdrew slightly and lowered me on the water. Our intimate connection was cut off and in that instant, I felt a large void fill my core. I wanted his cock back.

I must admit, this man had ruined me the perfect way I wanted him to.

"If you want to continue bathing—"

"No, " I interjected and held his elbow, "bath with me, please. It's lonely here."

He lowered his lashes and contemplated on something.

"I might...take you again, " he feebly stated, acting like a shy high school boy.

My cheeks warmed up. Damn it, he was going to say that after taking me raw and rough?

I pressed my breasts against his chest and palmed his jaw. "Then take me, Aero. I want you to."

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it down. It wasn't painful, but he did prove his point. He was definitely holding back on ravishing me more.

"I have deprived myself with a woman's touch, Serena, too damn long. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Fortunately for me, this didn't scare me at all.

"I'll take whatever you could give me, Aero. Come at me."

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