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   Chapter 49 The Big Bad Wolf Ate Me

The Alpha King's Claim By JMFelic Characters: 8798

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< Aero >

The moment I arrived in the hot springs of Mount Thersa, that's when I realized I made a mistake. Over the dark horizon, the snow moon was taking form, beckoning me, mocking me with its crescent shape. Hell, it was day one of its phase and I was already too late to notice it.

I wouldn't have brought Serena here if I did, but the deed was done. What was left now was to have her swim in the hot spring and leave the place. Stat.

To remedy my problem, I told her an hour of swimming was enough. Normally, I'd be immune to its first and second phase unlike the other weres in my kingdom, so I deemed myself safe. I could behave, keep my hands to myself.

For now at least.

As the Alpha King, my sense of hearing was already superb, but I felt it was more sensitive now as Serena, naked for sure, continued to swim, creating splashes and waves like a nymph, and it was damn teasing me. I was super aware of her and I was a stupid man to allow myself in this precarious situation.

I had acted on a whim and now I was paying for it big time.

I told her I wouldn't peek and I was keeping it. I had no intention whatsoever other to let her try the hot spring and ergo, she'd be invigorated from today's hard labor. It was the least I could do. She surpassed my expectations and I must admit, she impressed me.

As I waited for her to finish bathing, I looked up at the starry sky and took a deep, controlled breath. The steam around me heated my skin, but there was also another heat that was most potent slowly pushing itself to the surface. It was collecting in between my loins, fuck.

Again, I thought to myself I would be immune, and yes, I was, but with this woman—my untouched wife no less—with me in a place that was only roofed with stars, my control and patience snapped.

I had dreamed too much of her, dreamed too much of us making love...and as much as I told myself I abhorred a female's body, with her, I could make an exception. When I submit, then I prefer to submit to this woman.

Deciding it was the right time, I turned to fully face her, and I was right, she was a beautiful apparition inside the pool: eyes bright with surprise; lips slightly parted and flush red for me to relish; hair wet, covering her ample breasts; slender shoulders and neck; a shapely waist; and wide hips hidden underwater.

My wolf and lycan sides howled inside. Yes, I was ready to claim a woman. I was ready to claim her.

< Serena >

I let out an unsteady breath just as my body stiffened. Having the king behind me—feeling his hard figure, feeling his sinful hands on my waist—lit a thousand firework

had seen in him and it validated how he craved for me.

With my heartbeat still racing and my lungs still double working, I gathered myself and faced him. What I saw right then and there was his eyes heavy with desire.

"Aero..." I whispered. He didn't let me finish. With precision and speed, he lifted me up wedding-style, brought me near the smooth boulder where his shirt rested, and pressed me against it, consequently trapping me in place. I wasn't planning on leaving at all, yet he was making it sure I wouldn't disappear.

The same hands that had pleasured me earlier now cupped my face. "You are mine, Serena, " he said before sealing my mouth with his. I couldn't reply to that even if I wanted to. He didn't give me a chance.

Three times? Four times? I had forgotten how many times we kissed, but I still vividly remember how hot and needy they were all are. His kiss now was the same: so full of power, so full of passion. The only thing that really demarcated it from the others was how prolonged it was. Our kisses in the past were short, hurried and abrupt. Now, I felt as if he didn't want our kiss to end.

"Kiss me back, Serena, " he groaned when I didn't fully respond to his advances despite really, really wanting to.

Slowly, I shook my head and stared at him as if pleading.

"Don't start this if you intend to leave me hanging, Aero. I'm surrendering myself to you now. I am at your mercy. Don't chicken out halfway."

He clenched his jaw and furrowed his brows.

"No, I'll finish this, " his eyes turned even more hooded. "We will finish this, Serena. There will be no loser or winner tonight. Just you and me—a man and a woman. A husband and a wife."

His words turned me on. Heavens, it really turned me on.

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