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   Chapter 45 Losing Control

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Usually, meetings with the other leaders of the realm were as boring as hell. Well, except for the routine rivalry among some of them that would end up on binge drinking, but on this occasion, inside the fae realm, it was particularly special.

Ehnrelil had closed its doors centuries ago. The last time I heard it accepted someone not fae was in the funeral of their previous king, King Alduin. After that, they had closed their realm to outsiders under the new rule of the widowed queen, Queen Adna. I was just a young wolf back then, hopelessly needing company.

As to why she did so, nobody knew, but rumors said it had something to do with the dead king's brother, High Elder Geraden.

Now, as I wondered, why would she welcome us again? There must be a backstory to this invitation and I couldn't wait to uncover it.

I sat next to the King of Sattus—the only man in the meeting room who had the deadliest aura. It was no wonder since he was the ruler of the dead. On Earth, humans call him Hades. Here, he was nameless. Or at least, we never knew his name and didn't care to find out. On my left was the King of Zaxonia, King Lucein, living in the realm of mythical creatures, dragons and such. Word has it he was the son of a celestial being; would have had the chance to live in the celestial realm but decided to stay because of a woman.

Hmf. I scoffed. All because of a woman.

Moving forward, my eyes roamed to six other leaders: Lady Yllana, the Elemental Witch in the realm of witches; Lord Jacobi, representing the mage realm, Prince Andrei for the Demon World; the Celestial God, Andrius, who was rather sending sharp glances at King Lucien, and of course, I couldn't ignore the fucking blood-sucking dickhead of the vampire world, Lord Hale, and the host herself, Queen Adna of the fae realm. Sitting next to her was High Elder Geraden. I was unsure why he was here when in fact only leaders were supposed to be present in this meeting.

We were all on time except for the last representative of the lowest realm of all: Terranis, or Earth so to speak. Every fifty years we pick a representative of this realm to pose as our bridge and spy. The chosen representative should either be born from a political or royal family in a country and must possess the gift of tongues. Governor Marius dela Forte of Madrid, Spain occupied the spot and he had done so since forty years ago. He was seventy-two now—quite young for creatures like us that exist for centuries—but old for his world.

"Marius is late, " Lady Yllana pointed out after sipping her wine for the third time.

"My apprentice had to help the poor man in traveling through the fae realm, " Lord Jacobi stated, an understanding brow held his expression. "This is his first time in this place after all."

"Which brings the question, why did you invite us here, Queen Adna?" I asked, wanting to get this meeting over and done with. I certainly would like to return to my kingdom before the snow moon starts to light its first ray in the Phanteon castle. My subjects know how much I hated such event and they know how much I want to incarcerate myself inside my chamber until it ends. This event just brings about a heat in me that I'd rather douse as soon as possible.

In response to my question, the queen just grinned.

"I see that all of you couldn't wait anymore, so let's start."

She waved a hand above her head and the whole room darkened. A second later, twinkling

glimpse of its golden sheen, ended up reminiscing, albeit unintentionally, my fucking childhood.

"Your Majesty? What's wrong?" Serena asked, a hint of worry painting her face.

A strong breeze passed us. Luckily, it was enough to pull me out of my failed childhood memories.

"A distasteful memory just crossed my mind. Come, " I said and pulled her again with me.

We walked out of the forest some time later. Elijah immediately saw us when we emerged from the bushes and didn't waste his time throwing me questions. I cut him off instead through mind-linking him.

'Elijah, dead bodies close to the fae border. Take care of it and ensure the safety of these two, ' I told him.

He understood the gravity of my order right away.

'Your will, brother, ' he said.

'I will return to Ehnrelil. Find the murderer for me. I smell the stench of evil in the air.'

'Yes, I will. Be careful there, brother. The faes are untrustworthy creatures.'

'You think I don't know that?'

"Alright, I understand, " he then openly voiced out, turning to the two. As subtlely as he could, he directed them to the coach. My queen glanced at me. I anticipated already what she was about to say.

"Will you be going with us?"

'What's this?' I thought. Was she really showing concern for me?

"I need to return to the meeting, " I answered as calmly as I could.

"And the...bodies?" she asked again, and that's when my patience broke.

I pulled her by the arm again, dragged her across the meadow, but impatient as I was, I transported us both inside the coach in just a snap. Inside, I maintained our closeness. I didn't care anymore just how much our bodies pressed. All I wanted was to feel her, make sure she was safe, and make sure I get my point across.

And as to what point that was?


There were two really.

First, I just didn't want her involved in Phanteon's problems.

Second, I missed kissing her, damn it.

And so I kissed her; ravaged her mouth in the most intense way possible. She reciprocated me, and even awarded me that cute, soft moan I had come to...uhh...fuck—never mind.

After that, I teleported back to Enhrelil. It was rude and offensive, I know, but I had to. I didn't want to see her blushing face, or admit to the fact that I was slowly losing my control.

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