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   Chapter 43 Taking Action

The Alpha King's Claim By JMFelic Characters: 10496

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< Serena >

With unsteady breath, I looked up and saw the man I wasn't expecting at all.

"Get the fucking up, " King Aero barked, but even with him ordering, he reached out to me and assisted me to stand.

"King Aero, " I muttered in disbelief. 'He is here! Why is he here!' my head cried out.

His hold around my waist tightened and I was left struggling to breathe with this.

"Contain your fear, woman. I could feel it even when I was in Ehnrelil, " he ordered.

I stilled and willed myself to relax.

"You could? How?" I asked, the fear and panic I felt earlier were washed away with his presence, and...oh, so was the throbbing headache and the pulsating white light in my eyes.

Now, in his arms...pressed up against his body...feeling his warmth, feeling his slow breathing, I felt secure. Protected. Loved?

He paused for a moment, gazed down at me with unreadable eyes, and then, dropped my ass on the ground.

"Ow!" I cried out whilst shooting him a glare. Fuck the L word. He is still an asshole!

Instead of answering my question, he walked past me in quick strides; his attention embedded on the murder site.

For a moment, fear washed all over me again thinking he might run into the cloaked killer, but as I watched, he charged straight ahead without worry, putting off an aura that of a fearless king.

In haste, I stood up, placing a hand over my mouth just to be sure, but I only saw the king near the dead bodies. No sign of the killer at all.

"These are witches." I picked up his words. He knelt next to one with wavy, blonde hair and surveyed her godawful appearance.

"I saw a cloaked person earlier holding a bloody sword, " I stated, moving a little closer to him.

"Deep stab wounds, gaping laceration on their chest and neck...yes, they were killed with that weapon, " he told me confidently.

I stayed silent, but vigilant with our surroundings.

It looked like he was the same judging from the hard expression on his face and the way he lifted his chin up as if sniffing.

Afterwards, he stood up and faced me.

"Let's get you out of this place, " he said in a grave tone.

He neared me, grabbed my elbow and pulled me with him before I could even respond.

As best as I could, I matched his quick pace of walking. The terrain we trekked was uneven and there were certainly parts were the ground was slippery. With his back to me, it may not look like he cared but he was holding my elbow tight, making sure I wouldn't fall on the ground.

Or at least that's what I could read from his actions. There was no harm in hoping right?

"Hey, why are we walking when you could just poof us out of this forest?" I asked.


That was his response. As always... No nod, or a grumble, or even a look on my way.

I decided to let the subject go. After all, I was having fun admiring the view of his broad shoulders and his dark hair that had always enticed me to comb with my fingers.

Minutes later, I started to recognize the path we were in. This was the path to the golden lake. The king continued straight, pulling me like a collared puppy, but then he suddenly

cute King Aero's orders, " I mused, looking past the nearby town and into plains and interconnected rivers ahead. Somewhere out there was the Baltic Meadows. Somewhere out there was the crime scene. But more importantly, somewhere out there was that golden lake. Since I left that place, it had been continuously popping inside my head. It was calling out to me in more ways than I expected it would.

"You mentioned 'bodies' yesterday, what does that mean?" she stated, staring at me with curiosity.

I took a deep breath first before answering. Her, asking me about it, was bound to happen sooner or later. As a well-educated woman, nothing would probably get past her.

"Dead bodies of witches, Rhea. I saw them and even saw the murderer."

She straightened and fully turned to face me.

"Wait. Wait." She angled her head like a confused puppy. "Let me process it properly."

I grinned at her and waited.

"Witches? Dead witches? And a murderer?"

I just nodded in response. Her voice was raised, clearly in disbelief.

"Is it a he or a she?"

Shrugging my shoulders, I recalled the unsavory memory. "I couldn't say. The cloak it wore hindered me from getting information."

"That's unfortunate, but I'm sure they'll be able to sort that out, " she expressed, probably giving me an assurance.

"Yeah, I'm confident they would, " I replied.

"How about the king, Serena? Had you seen him already?"

I couldn't help but chuckle in response.

"I'm not expecting him to show himself to me actually. Who knows when royal meetings end."

"Aren't you worried though?" she asked.

I knew for certain what she meant. "I am worried, but I am also trying my best not to over think much of it. Whether a localized case or not, I'm sure he would solve it."

"Hmm, good answer."

Abruptly, she tapped my shoulder and flashed a smile.

"Why don't we go to the nearest market in the castle? There might be something there to occupy our minds."

I need not consider her offer. In this occasion, it was the best course of action.

"Right. That would be a good idea."

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