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   Chapter 38 To Stay or Not To Stay

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< Aero >

I had to get away. I needed to get away. Far from her as much as possible before I eat my own words. I said so myself there was no touching involved. That I was pleased we wouldn't need to consummate our marriage. But look at what has happened now. We were both caving in and fast.

I hated this development. It was starting to fucking mess me up, my piece of mind and my ideals. But, on the otherhand, I couldn't deny the fact that I did enjoy our little session, how fragrant her scent was that filled my nose, how inticing her voice was when she whimpered for me, how good she was with her hands and mouth, and oh yes, how sweetly close she was to drinking all of my cum. If I hadn't intervened, then...


I admit, I was so close to damning myself.

Despite still feeling aroused and sporting a really hard cock, I used my ability to transport myself away from her and I chose to reappear inside my manor. In there, I stayed the rest of the night until the party was over. I had William communicate to me the activities of my vampire guests and Elijah, although I didn't ask, was enthusiastic enough to report to me the whereabouts of the queen. Apparently, she had gone to retire on her chamber. He used this to conveniently create an alibi for our guests when some of them started to notice our absence.

'You really should join your queen in her chamber, brother, you wouldn't want Lord Hale to steal her in the middle of the night right?' Elijah mind-linked at me. I could hear the lighthearted mockery behind his words, but so was the possibility of it.

True enough, Hale could do it if he wanted to and it would be so easy for him even if I place twenty werewolf guards in and around that woman's chamber and most especially now that I was far from the castle.

'Then go and guard her, Elijah. You're a good match for Hale, ' I ordered, using his ego to my advantage. He after all posessed abilities that could match mine, but in truth, it was so that I could avoid returning to the castle at least for this night.

'Na ah, I can't do that, brother, ' he replied in a heartbeat. 'I'm rather...occupied tonight.'

Wrinkles of disappointment formed on my forehead.

'You just take pleasure with my sufferings huh?' I complained.

'I'm actually doing you a favor, dear brother, ' he chuckled. 'Well then, enjoy the rest of the night.'

It didn't take long for him to intentionally block me in his thoughts. He had done this in the past many times and that's especially when he's with a woman.

Huh, typical.

Pressing my mouth firmly, I rerouted my attention to my beta. 'William, give me an update, ' I stated.

After a few seconds, he answered, 'Your Majesty, Lord Hale and his entourage had now left the premises. Shall I tail them to make sure they exit Phanteon?'

Choosing to sit on the marble balustrade of my balcony with a wine in hand, I nodded. 'Yes, do that William, and keep a special attention to the dark lord. He is known to be quite sneaky sometimes.'

'I'm keeping tract of his scent, Your Majesty. You may rest your faith in me.'

'Good, report your progress later.'

Looking up, my eyes rested on the dark sky. This part of my kingdom somehow lacked iophas—or stars on human terms. I liked it. The dark sky and the blandness of this manor mirrored the void in my heart. But unfortunately, along with this

is words. 'That place?' I muttered.

'Yes, Your Majesty. As it turned out, the leaders of Ehnrelil had sought for a meeting with the guardians and the leaders of each realm.'

'Hmf, after all this time, they choose to step forward now, that's new.'

'You are needed in the meeting too, Your Majesty, ' he pointed out to me.

'Oh, I will join, ' I couldn't hold back a grin from forming on my lips, 'I can't pass out on the opportunity to finally see the realm of the faes once again.'

'Then, I'll prepare for your journey, Your Majesty, ' he proactively declared.

'Do that, ' I stated, nodding, and then cut off our telephatic conversation.

A long and heavy sigh escaped me thereafter. Another ardous, time-consuming meeting once again, but at least this time, it would be held in a place that used to heavily restrict outsiders. This was going to be an interesting meeting, I thought to myself. A rather good way to divert my focus away from my current problems—my marital problems to be exact.

And speaking of which, my attention returned to the source of it all. I found that the insects were already nowhere in sight, but the woman was slowly moving under the covers and with my sharp hearing, she was actually murmuring something in her sleep.


My ears perked up further and I stood up to fully see what the fuss was all about.



From my recent encounter with her, I could definitely differentiate a sound of pleasure between a sound of pain and there was no doubt in my mind I just heard her moan in pleasure.

"Aero, please...faster, faster!"

'What the fuck is this woman talking abo—' my mind stressed, but was cut off in an instant.

I gaped when suddenly she moved, her duvet falling off the floor effectively showing the slenderness of her legs. My skin hairs stood on end when together with her moaning, her hands moved to her reproductive parts; one hand hiked up to cup her full breast while the other slid down low to insert a finger—no, fingers—inside her fucking underwear.

As much as I wanted to, as much as I told myself not to, I couldn't peel my eyes off from the unexpected live show. She was about to fucking finger herself and I was present to witness it all.

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