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   Chapter 37 Challenge Accepted

The Alpha King's Claim By JMFelic Characters: 8113

Updated: 2020-02-20 20:45

< Serena >

Yes, for whatever inexplicable reason, I was filled with the mad urge to please this man. Despite how unpracticed I was in this aspect, I was acting bold and sure. The thought of him hating women was lost in my mind. He didn't seem to act like one back in the party and he wasn't rejecting me as I advanced now.

My wrist mark ached in sync with this need and it got my mind reeling of how good this ache felt as oppose to my earlier painful experiences back on Earth. I had already solved the puzzle with regard to this and it all went down to distance. The farther away I was from the king, the painful the mark throbbed, and the closer I am to him, well... it doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Maybe this wrist mark indeed had some incantation embedded so that we couldn't escape each other or maybe it worked to remind us we were married. Whatever it was, I wished I knew the answer.

However, in the meantime, my priority was the king's pleasure. Without overanalyzing it or even worrying of how inexperienced I was with this aspect, I opened his pants, freed his majestic size and rubbed it with my palm and let the next steps run its course. I let my sense of touch guide me as I pumped him hard and fast.

I heard him groan many times and judging from the look of pure bliss on his face, he was enjoying it.

I grinned as I gazed up at him.

He was beautiful like this: creased forehead, furrowed brows, tensed jawline and clenched teeth. His nostrils flared too as he breathed in and out in a ragged way. His warm breath fanned my face many times as he towered above me, hands on both sides of the wooden door. I felt caged in like a mouse, but a mouse with the upperhand.

Deciding to look down, I gaped at the sight that welcomed me. I knew he was huge judging from my sense of touch, but I didn't expect it would look this handsome. He had little to no pubic hair and what I anticipated to be wrinkly and gray, actually looked so much better. His skin was taut and smooth. It was a light brown to pink with what I could gather as precum in the middle. He was divine and a part of me—that very bold, excited part—actually wanted to feel it with my mouth.

And so, without further reasoning, I knelt down just as I clutched his balls. With my mouth near his cock, I stuck out my tongue and licked his introductory juice. Hell, he tasted unlike anything I ever tasted befor

than my self-supervised masturbation. His fingers...his skills were superb. It was mind boggling how a man who hated women so much could turn out to be the best finger fucker in this realm.

Without a thought, I tossed my head back only to find he was already waiting for me. His mouth quickly dove in and crashed against my lips. His tongue slid inside, contacting with my own and in that moment, all I wanted to do was reciprocate it.

Our tongues sparred without holding back. With his free hand, he grabbed fistfuls of my hair, held my head in place, and conveniently forced all his ardor on me.

Not surprising, I noticed his erection prod against my abdomen again. My hand automatically grabbed and squeezed it. As expected, it was in its full glory, ready for another round.

But in the back of my head, my conscience screamed, 'Will there actually be another round?'

The answer to that came in an instant when he abruptly stopped our kiss and pulled himself away.

"You have returned the favor, Serena, you are dismissed, " he stated calmly, managing to level his hyperworked breathing.

I was dumbstruck. What the...what the hell?!

"You're good at this game, huh?" I stated, partly hurt, partly relieved. I couldn't believe he just wanted us to end like this aroused and all, but on the brighter side, at least I was still safe from being completely ravaged by a man.

"I am, Serena. And I always win, " he smirked, and with that, he disappeared in front of me, leaving me feeling unsatisfied and disappointed.

"Will see..." I huffed and fisted my hands.

This was challenge accepted.

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