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   Chapter 35 A Sweet, Sweet Position

The Alpha King's Claim By JMFelic Characters: 7997

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"So what if I'm human?" I grounded, putting as much courage on my voice despite how scared I was at the moment. "I'm married to the alpha king. I'm his wife."

"Only for a moment I should say, " he boomeranged and grinned some more.

My brow arched up, unsure of what he was trying to say.

"Yes, I'm yet to learn of the truth of your arrangement between Aero, my queen, but I'm pretty sure now to declare that your marriage with him is just a front."

It didn't surprise me anymore how he got into that conclusion. It was clear to see he was an intelligent man. Instead of reacting with his declaration head on, I decided to turn the tables. It was my time to interrogate him.

"I'm certainly curious, Lord Hale, tell me. Why bother yourself with the drama of this realm? What do you get from seeking the truth?"

"Hmm, what do I get?" He made this expression on his face I could liken to a lion on the hunt for its prey...a hungry, horny lion might I add.

"I get you, " he finally spilled and it caught my breath. "As I said before, Serena, you owe me a bite, but apart from that, I truly am smitten with you."

I spaced out instantly. Dread washed all over me. A vampire confession was the least thing I expected I'd get tonight. My hands went clammy. My knees started to shake. I wanted to speak, but as I opened my mouth, I couldn't form a word...any word. I shifted my head to where King Aero was, stared at him in a manner that I knew now only he could decipher. It was my sole act as a queen flooded with anxiety...and fear. Lots and lots of fear.

'Take me out of here...' I cried out in my mind.

Lord Hale, suddenly chuckling, inched his mouth near my neck. Goosebumps erupted on my arms again.

"The sound of your troubled heartbeat is teasing me, Serena. Be calm. Relax. I'll be a superb lover. Plus, my bite certainly won't hurt."

And just like that, I was able to get out of my pool of fear.

He couldn't be serious. Was he implying he was going to bite me in front of all these people? Wouldn't that be offensive to the werewolves? To the king? Was he actually trying to wage war on them by deliberately doing so?

I hauled in a deep breath. I wouldn't have it. On Earth, I've learned that war will only bring death, despair and sadness. Even if vampires and werewolves possessed supernatural abilities, that wouldn't make a difference on the havoc thei

he answered me, "It wouldn't matter. He can't harm you when you're in my kingdom."

I frowned and twisted my lips.

"And on Earth?" I declared, a little tremble clung my voice. "What about it then? What if I return there only to find him waiting for me?"

"Then it's a good thing we haven't found a way to erase our wrist marks, " he declared, effectively catching me by surprise. Never had I expected him to say that. No, not at all. As a result, I was on a mini cloud nine. I kept myself from grinning widely.

"Yeah, that's...that's a good thing, " I stated.

For awhile, we stayed in this sweet, sweet position. I didn't want to let go and I was under the impression that he felt the same. We took our time until I couldn't keep my mouth from spilling the words.

"You called me by my name earlier."

He grumbled under his throat. "It was just for show."

I chuckled in response and lifted my head up to lock gazes with him.

"Yeah, sure..." I rolled my eyes.

Consequently frowning, he stepped back and freed himself from my embrace. "Don't toy with me, woman. I am not in the mood."

"Well you were in the mood this morning, " I pointed out, my sight now directed to his crotch which seemed to look perpetually bulging.

"Forget about this morning, " he ordered.

Unfortunately, I wasn't listening. "I'm sorry I can't." A sudden urge to please him filled my head then and it pulsed all the way down to my fingers and toes. My eyes hazed just as I leaned forward towards him, my virgin hand ready for what lay ahead.

"Not...not until I could return the favor."

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