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   Chapter 34 Dancing with the Undead

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< Serena >

I had never been a coward my whole life but in the face of a vampire, it was impossible to stay brave, especially if this said vampire had threatened me a number of times.

Yes. The moment Lord Hale filled my line of vision, his words came back to me. Words that he had said while I was half conscious lying in the guest bedroom inside his lair.

′Queen Serena... I guess it's time to say goodbye. But don't worry, we'll see each other again. You owe me a bite, my queen. I'll come to collect it in due time.′

I had been too preoccupied with the recent events this morning and afternoon—not to mention the early greeting the king had bestowed on me—that Lord Hale's memory had slipped out undetected from my mind.

But now that he was here, the fear and panic I had come to feel that time returned to me in full force. He knew I was a human and he promised to bite me.

Those two facts alone made me cling to the nearest support I have: King Aero. He was by far the only person who could contend with a vampire lord. He was my ticket to safety.

However, as queen, I was still on a dilemma. I had to put up the appearance that I was fine with Lord Hale's visit. I had to show that he didn't scare me. I couldn't just run out of the throne, hide myself in my chamber or even confess to the king face to face that I feared the dark lord.

That said, the only thing I was able to do was give my husband clues and hoped he was sharp enough to catch it.

I wasn't keeping my hopes up, especially knowing how superficial he was with women, but luckily, he did get my clues and I was damn happy to know I had protection.

The big smile that left me that moment wasn't because I was acting in front of Lord Hale nor was it because King Aero made me feel safe. No. It was neither of them.

It was because my heart just went over and above and my spirit soared when I heard the king use my name for the first

e were four, right?"

I furrowed my brows and tried to remember what he was talking about. Despite the quick movements of our dancing, I happened to catch a glimpse of my husband. He was back on his throne and he was busy...busy on observing me dancing with his vampire guest. It warmed my heart. Oh yes, he was keeping his word.

"I was leaning over to three and four, but now I'm certainly choosing four, " Lord Hale continued, pulling my attention back to him.

′What was four again?′ My mind blurted out. When I remembered what it was, my head spun and all my skin hairs stood.

"Come now, my queen. Don't be too shy to admit it." He carefully swayed us to the rhythm of the music and led me closer to the portal of the balcony. I was highly aware where we were going, but it wasn't my priority to point that out to him. My priority was to try and make a believable alibi--if I could actually make one.

"I already know what you are. Say it. Say that you're a human, " he went on. His hand on my back hiked up to my nape while his other hand tightened its grip on my wrist. "Werewolves don't call us vampires undead. Only humans living on Earth use that term to define us."

Right then, I realized, it was futile to lie when he had already slapped a lot of evidence on my face.

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