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   Chapter 30 Easy Way Out

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< Serena >

I sauntered out of the king's chamber as fast as my shaking legs could take me. I could feel the moistness of my underwear as I walked. It was uncomfortable. It was awkward. It literally felt like I just stuffed a soaked roll of tissue in between my thighs with how crazily wet it felt down there.

Elijah for sure noticed my discomfort and the wet spot on my dress. I didn't care to cover it up. At that moment, I was too conscious of the king's presence; too shaken up with what he had just done and what I had actually allowed him to do.

One moment, we were discussing how to rid us of the mark and another moment, he was sniffing me out, gradually licking the outer layer of my underwear and eventually sucking my clit despite the obstruction, and I just lay there whimpering and enjoying his treatment.

Oh god...

Yes it was a euphoric moment, granted it was my first time to be ever done so by a man; but I also would like to credit the king's skills with his mouth. He was confident; unashamed. His tongue licked me like I was the best damn ice cream in his kingdom. I'm unsure even if they have this coldly sweet food in here.

As crazy as it sounded, I would have gave in to his ministrations; would have gave in to the sensations if it wasn't for the interruption.

I was thankful for the crown prince though. It was both our wake up call. We were both horny, I knew that now, but that didn't mean I was going to offer myself up easily and be dined by a werewolf king who had long time hated women.

Whatever happened to him earlier, I was sure he was not in his right mind. Or if he was in his right mind, he could just be acting. I don't know... I couldn't say. This man was as complicated as the DNA structure of the human body.

Before facing Rhea, I took a deep breath to calm the erratic beating of my heart. My arousal was still there; my clit was still swelling with the need to be sucked harder and my core still aching to be filled by something hard and long, but I had to control it; forget about it, else I'd turn myself into a fool in front of my new-found friend.

"How are you, Your Highness?" Rhea, with her elegant charm, smiled at me. Standing near a stone statue of a wolf in full howl, she waited as I neared her.

I gave her a lopsided smile then.

"Really? Are you going to call me 'that' now?"

She grinned and pointed her eyes to every corner of the grand hallway. "Well, we're in your palace so yeah."

I shook my head. "Seriously, I prefer to be called by my name. 'Your Highness' just sounds so...flashy."

I grabbed her arm and pulled her for an embrace. "Great

oom. Fit for a queen, it was of an enormous size. There was a medium-sized pool in one corner and a shower room that I could only see in high-end magazines. Another doorway led to the walk-in closet and this was where I entered while Rhea followed me.

"Prince Elijah, " I chirped over my shoulder. I saw the faint blush of her face on the mirror wall.

"He...he was so accommodating and helpful."

"Yeah, very, " I chuckled when I remembered my experience with him on my first day in Phanteon. "Did he mention something about returning you home?"

"I'm not sure he did..." she trailed off.

Watching her on the mirror again, I noticed the cloud of confusion in her eyes. For a strong woman like her, she actually looked somewhat unsure now.

I gave her time to collect her words and decided to skim through the variety of clothes in the closet. Choosing a gown with the color white—my favorite color—I pulled it out from the batch and examined it: sweetheart neckline, ankle length, long-sleeves, no ruffles, no heavy beadwork. Good. It was simple and exactly my taste.

"Uhm, Serena, can I ask you something?" Rhea began when I started to change in front of her.

"Sure, what is it?" I voiced out from under the cloth.

"I've been studying our history and traditions on Earth for almost two decades. The pyramids in Egypt, the great battle in Waterloo, the French Revolution, Manchu Picchu to name a few. I...I am bound to be bored sometimes."

I wasn't sure where she was going so I just remained silent and continued to listen whilst I fixed myself up in front of the mirror.

" it wrong for me to say I'm fascinated with this world and the people living in it so I...I wish to stay?"

Oh dear... I didn't see that coming.

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