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   Chapter 29 The Source of His Undoing

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Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

It seemed that the decision to sleep beside her was wrong. Fuck.

I didn't need to ask her what happened to us exactly. I didn't need to know at all. The mess we were in was enough to fill me with...displeasure. I didn't need to know who started embracing who—although I had the fucking feeling it was I who initiated it—shit. What I just needed to do was to extricate myself out of the bed, to be far away from her as possible and do it with fucking dignity.

I couldn't ignore our situation nor could I ignore the fact that I just spilled my cum right on her front. Agreed, this was an embarrassing thing to happen even for my standards and I just couldn't believe this woman had it all registered in her brain.

Seeing as I had no escape in this predicament, I growled low and speedily pulled myself up, positioned my weight on top her whilst seizing her wrists and placing them over her head.

In response, she gasped. Her eyes rounded in shock, but I could easily see the unexpressed question in them: what the fuck was I doing?

Well...dear wife, I was just going to threaten you.

"Nobody..." I stated in a tone rich with hostility, "should know what happened here. If you yap, you'll suffer consequences, queen or not."

I was confident that would do the trick, but instead of cowering and obediently nodding, she replied with fire and boldness in her eyes.

"I am not the type who goes around gossiping, Your Majesty."

I smirked at her statement.

"Hm, oh really? All women are the same. They have loose tongues."

"Certainly not this woman!" she spat, sending me a laser-like glare. Guess I just hit her ego right there. Good.

Out of the blue, I caught a whiff of something aromatic, sweet-scented; filling my nostrils with quick euphoria. However, it was just faint and short-lived so I decided to ignore it.

"So you claim to be different..." I muttered, sparing a glance at her heaving chest and her cleavage that was trying to get my attention.

She squirmed underneath me, but I automatically tightened my hold on her.

"I am different!" she cried out, clenching her teeth. "Whatever the reason why you hated our gender, whatever you saw in us, do not judge me the same."

"Prove it then, " I dared. "Show me that you are different."

"Spend time with me first in order to get to know me better, then and then you'll see just how different I am, " she replied with determination.

"Then you're staying in my kingdom, " I ordered in finality. I released her wrists and straightened, our conversation done in my opinion. I planned to extract myself out of her presence but she was quick to grab my elbow and pull me to face her.

"Wait, what?!" I saw the slight panic in her eyes. "But I need to go back to Earth!" she shouted. "I was referring to you spending time with me there! Not here!"

I growled low, my patience already wearing thin.

"I kept my end of the bargain. I sent you back to the human realm. You, however, ended up in the vampire realm yourself and despite my busy schedule, I had to get your ass out of that place. I saved you from total brainwashing. I have done too much for you, woman. I refuse to do more."

A bit of color drained from her face. "I thought you hated my presence here..." she whispered, somewhat unsure of her claim. Her eyes wandered on the floor, maybe trying to recollect evidences that would back her words

p beside me.

"Where can I go and change?" she asked, aiming the question to my red-faced brother.

My brows even knotted harder. I guess that meant we're done huh?

"She can bring you to your own chamber, Your Highness, " he replied, glancing back at me with a grin hidden on his face.

"Sounds great, " she announced and without asking for my permission, left the room as if she wasn't even ill yesterday.

Sensing my brother's teasing coming any second, I closed my eyes and counted to ten; holding my breath and then releasing it in a deep, long huff.

"What was that wet thing I saw on her—"

"Fuck Elijah, " I bit out, giving him a glare, "just don't ask."

"Hmm, " he let out in a sing-song voice, "you're warming up to my sister-in-law pretty fast huh? Did you saw Lord Hale as competition? Were you worried she might leave you for him that's why you're making a move now?"

I growled at him. He may be the best royal adviser in Phanteon, but sometimes his mind needed some fine-tuning and his tongue, a trimming.

"What you saw was just an illusion." I stood up and started walking to the bathroom but then I paused, catching a glimpse of what looked like a wet smudge on the woman's part of the bed. Must be my cum. Must be hers. It didn't really matter.

This sure as hell wasn't just an illusion.

"An illusion?" he scoffed, then cast a glance on the bed, pointing the strong evidence for me. "You make jokes now, brother?"

I hissed and shook my head. Fuck. Disappointment reverberated through my throat.

"If somebody wishes to speak to me, let them wait in the throne room, " I muttered under my breath, choosing to change the subject.

I was getting conscious of my wet pants by the minute. It was time for me to change it, or better yet, burn it for good. And yes, maybe, together with the mattress and all the sheets that came with it. I didn't need a good reminder of what happened in my room with her. I most certainly didn't need a good reminder of how toxically fragrant she was.

"I'll relay your words, brother, " I heard Elijah say with a chuckle before I disappeared fast into my changing room.

He didn't need to see the growing bulge in my pants after remembering my fake wife, her soaking-wet underwear, and the taste of her...

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