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   Chapter 27 Something Soft. Something Hard

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< Serena >

Darkness was everywhere no matter where I look. Standing in a transparent floor, I couldn't exactly tell where I was or if this place was even real. I was hyperaware of my body and surroundings though. I could feel my crazy-ass headache. I could feel the coldness of something...a hand holding mine and I could hear the sound of embers crackling somewhere in the distance.

"It's faint still because of Manross' incense, but it's there, " I heard a familiar voice say. Recognition dawned on me instantly. Yes, that's right. It was from the dark lord himself, so I decided to listen further.

"The taste of your blood is there and it is sweetly devine, my human queen."

Inside my darkened world, I gasped. He already found out I was human! How? Did he bite me?!

"How did Aero find you?" he continued. I sensed the undeniable curiosity filling his voice. "What possible arrangement did you undergo with him? I want to know..."

Unfortunately for him, I couldn't share that. It was mine and the King's...and well Elijah's...little secret.

"It'd be a waste to just hand you over to him. You're too precious for him."

What? What did he say just now?

"Should I risk war instead?"

My subconscious self was taken aback. Like Helen of Troy? Surely, I wasn't that precious.

"My Lord, the Phanteon King just crossed our realm, " I heard a new voice say. It was deep and rough, similar to Idris Elba but without the English accent.

If the vampire lord was with me then that meant I was inside his castle still, in the realm of the vampires and not in Heaven. And yes, completely not dead. This new man also mentioned about King Aero and something about crossing their realm... Did he mean my prick husband was on his way for me? Really?

I couldn't believe what I just heard, but somehow a part of me warmed up. He came for me... he actually came for me...

"Hm, already?" the dark lord replied with an amused tone. "I was still enjoying conversing with our sleeping beauty."

I ignored his generous use of the word to describe me and instead focused on the one clue pertaining to my situation. Did he just say I was sleeping? That couldn't be. If I was sleeping, then I wouldn't be able to hear their conversation and process it this clear and fast.

"So that's the woman who had stirred up quite a ruckus in the werewolf kingdom, " the new man stated, leaving his statement hanging for the vampire lord to finish.

"You know her, Kerus?" Lord Hale asked.

Kerus. That's the

r, I was completely aware one of the voices came from my husband himself.

King Aero.

I didn't know if I should be happy or not, but either way, I knew then I was safe. And Rhea too. It seemed Elijah was sensitive enough to bring her with us.

Without warning, I felt large hands wrap around my waist. It cradled me and pushed me flush against a chest—a warm, inviting chest. King Aero's ephemeral scent hit me instantly and because of that, I knew... I knew that the one holding me was my husband. Fake or not, I felt a wonderful sense of calm and comfort.

Maybe when I come to consciousness, I could say a word of thanks.

After King Aero held me, I guess I completely blacked out because the next thing I knew, three voices of females were around me, chanting something using a foreign language. They did this for a number of occasions.

I felt myself rejuvenated in each passage. I felt a rush of energy inside me, filling me and arousing my tired form. My throbbing headache had finally ceased. I was back to my healthy self again.

When I finally awoke, I half expected to be greeted by these three women. It wasn't the case. The King's sleeping face welcomed me instead, so close to my own I could literally feel his warm breath fanning my cheeks.

To top it off, his arms were around me, caging me in his warm embrace. I couldn't move, but even if I could, I wouldn't dare lest I risk waking him up and putting both of us in an awkward meet-and-greet.

I decided to stay put, let time fix our confining position. It was all good, yes, until his not-so-sleeping member down south decided to poke me...

I bit my lip. Oh hell, he was so damn hard.

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