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   Chapter 25 Lies and Worries

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For the first time ever, I was glad the healers in my kingdom were mostly female. Three of the best lined up to meet me in my throne room when I summoned for them. They were nervous inside. I could easily sense it as I gave them a careful once-over.

"You will be taking care of the queen. She is sick. I want to know everything about her status, her prognosis and the medications she will take."

By the mention of the queen, their eyes somehow lit up. They looked at each other and nodded subtly before one curly-haired healer said, "It is an honor for us to heal the queen, Your Majesty. We will do our best."

"William, take them to my chamber, " I ordered, looking at my beta who was dressed in his official royal uniform of emerald green and gold. As my first cousin on the father's side, he was the best man for the position. Plus, he was skilled in combat and politics. Like Elijah, he was indispensable.

He lowered his head first before guiding the healers out of my throne room. I sighed thereafter, thinking of just how much this arrangement had gone out of control.

First, was Sedsah, my ever dependable augur. He had foreseen the queen's ill state the moment I transported back to my realm. With that, he immediately went to me, offering his healing skills. In a heartbeat, I declined. I didn't want any man to touch her even if he was the doctor.

Second, were my council. They had sought an audience with me for whatever reason, but since I prioritized meeting the healers, they had to stand outside the throne room and wait for my signal.

"Come in, " was my cue and at the opening of the double doors by the two stationed guards, the council members came rushing inside.

"Your Majesty, " they chorused and all knelt on one knee before straightening up. There were exactly fourteen of them. All loyal to the crown. All loyal to my father. I was yet to test how loyal they were to me, but so far, in my ten years of being their alpha king, they were doing good.

Until they conspired to have me wedded just to fulfill the final decree of my father...fuck.

The council were composed of the head of the packs in my kingdom. Only a couple of them were clean-shaven, most have beards or goatees that were either graying due to old age, or in the shade of black or brown to keep up with the trend. Some had protruding bellies, some were muscular and fit, some were too

s should be given."

The others looked at each other and quickly nodded, showing their understanding of her situation. Deep inside I was pleased. Their profusely accommodating treatment towards the woman was an advantage for me. I didn't care if they feared to question me about her or were just keeping a blind eye to everything. What mattered was that I get to undergo this marriage thing again without hassle. Maybe not headache-free, but at least free of their questioning.

After the topic of the woman, the council jumped into different matters. I got bored gradually. Politics and other issues of the kingdom seemed to feel pretty trivial to me.

An hour after, the meeting ended. Once they left the throne room, I brooded over the situation of the woman again; remembered her pale face, her limp hand, and her darn death-like sleep. A spike of concern materialized inside me over her health. It was enough to lead me back into my chamber again in just one blink of an eye.

"How is she?" I asked, standing behind the three healers as they worked their skills on her.

The curly-haired woman clasped her hands and turned to me. "We just started, Your Majesty. Please give us time to assess her."

I groaned inside and painstakingly nodded at her. "Go on, " I told them and then left the room without even so much as a backward glance. I realized right then and there I had worried for her more than I allowed myself.

And it was pissing me off.

Shifting to my wolf form, I left the castle, ran across the fields and into the mountains, venting my anger there until my knuckles bled.

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