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   Chapter 24 A Healthy Competition

The Alpha King's Claim By JMFelic Characters: 9397

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< Aero >

Hale couldn't be more predictable. He stayed hidden in the shadows as if I couldn't sense where he was, but I did. Clearly, I could see him leaning against a column in the second floor, just near the grand stairs, looking down at me in that sickening vampire red eyes.

He was condemning my attitude, huh. Like I cared pleasantries.

"Would you rather I bring my army instead?" I threatened, my voice cool and composed but filled with a promise of disaster. "I could smell my wife's blood on you. What have you done to her?"

Again, my wolf clawed inside me, trying to surface and control our conversation. It was feeling restless at the smell of her against his skin. It didn't like it. My lycan side didn't like it. And as crazy as it sounded, I didn't like it.

Just what the fuck had he done to her?

With utter difficulty, I kept my wolf in a tight leash. It howled and clawed, trashed and snarled inside me, disliking my delaying to shift. My lycan side joined in the picture and growled at me, 'Let's kill the blood-sucker, ' it said.

I was tempted to do so but in the end, I restrained my wolf and kept it contained inside me. There wasn't any doubt in my mind I'd enjoy ripping this vampire's throat apart, but for now I behaved. I still need to know where he kept her. From the stinking blood everywhere in this castle, it was hard to trace the woman's scent apart from what I could already smell from Hale. He was nearest me after all.

"No need to worry, Aero. Your beautiful wife is fine. Still warm and alive despite what happened earlier, " he voiced out, the words reverberating in my mind.

"Expound, " I growled, the thought of him possibly sucking her blood just didn't sit well with me.

Seconds later, Hale's full frame emerged from the spot I had determined earlier. His eyes were still trained on me and mine on him. He looked the same as he did when we last saw each other a decade ago, plus a new set of clothes. I scoffed when I saw his infamous cape behind him. He was always the guy who wears this outrageous accessory.

"There was an incident you see, " he started. "Honestly, you could have prevented it from happening if you came here early."

I read the fine print in his words and saw that he was questioning my lateness. It would have been easy to explain my side, but I wasn't a person who liked to explain.

"Quit it with your puzzles, Hale, " I growled. "Where is she and what happened to her?"

He tipped his head up, pointing to a hallway on the second floor.

"Follow me."

Elijah and I exchanged glances.

'I got your back, brother, ' he mind-linked.

'We will be ready for whatever surprise he had in store for us, ' I replied.

After releasing a deep breath, I climbed up the grand stairs with Elijah behind me. Hale was alread

ent? He wasn't supposed to. I sensed it was all because of this human female near him.

Arhg fuck. Now his penis was doing the talking.

"I'll claim the payment in a different time, " Hale expressed, smirking. "For now, your main concern is the queen."

He neared the bed too, closer than I could, and even went as far as to grab her limp hand and caressed it with his thumb. "Though Queen Serena hadn't lost that much blood from her wounds, she hit her head on the floor. She could have concussed."

"My healers will give her the best medical attention, " I exclaimed, moving closer to her on the other side of the bed. My eyes gave his hand a sharp glare, not at all hiding my apparent...dislike on the contact of their skin.

Hale must have sensed it because he at first chuckled, released her hand and then stepped back. "I have great faith your healers will, King Aero. It was a pleasure to be graced by your...very special...queen even for just a short amount of time."

"I doubt she feels the same way on your realm, Lord Hale, " I lashed. Being honest wasn't necessary when clearly being attacked and threatened wouldn't make for a good memory of his realm.

"Understandbly acceptable, " he grinned.

Acting like a worried husband still, I swooped in and wrapped my arms around her. Then, in just a blink of an eye, I was back in my castle with her with me. Elijah was left on the vampire realm with the blonde. I wasn't concerned for him. He could easily find a way back to our realm.

Conveniently, the place I transported us two was in my chamber. Despite disliking it, I had to place her here to continue our ruse. My council still thought we were in our honeymoon after all.

'William, get the best healers in the kingdom stat, ' I mind-linked at my beta whilst arranging her on my bed.

'As you command, Your Majesty, ' he quickly replied.

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