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   Chapter 23 Knocking Death's Door

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< Serena >

On cue, the crowd parted, giving me a clear path as I walked towards Blondie, the first person I wanted to converse. Behind me, I could feel the eyes of the women; could feel the tension among those who still saw me as competition and admiration to those who saw me as their savior.

But to be honest, I didn't have a strategy yet, one that would successfully take a quarter of these women out from Lord Hale's possession. Maybe I was giving them false hope since basically, I'd be doomed too two days from now, but it was better than sulking and submitting to this precarious fate.

Blondie smiled at me when I reached her. I smiled back and extended my hand.

"We haven't been properly introduced yet. I'm Serena McAllister, " I stated, waiting for her to reply.

She took my hand and shook it. "Rhea Thompson. I'm glad to see you here."

"So do I, " I expressed with a wider smile.

I turned to face the crowd and saw that they had dispersed already; some had gone to a nearby hallway leading to their quarters probably and some had grouped outside the interconnected balconies of the foyer. The black-haired bitch earlier was nowhere in sight. Good riddance to her.

"Sofia gave you dead glares before she left, " Rhea informed, giving me a lopsided grin.

"Sofia?" I lifted a brow.

"That busty woman earlier who made an enemy out of you already, " she explained whilst crossing her arms over her chest. Dressed in a Venus-cut white satin gown, she almost looked like a goddess. She had a unique beauty to her, the kind where she didn't need make-up but still she'd stood out.

"Oh her..." I chuckled and continued to watch the giggling women in one of the balconies.

"When we arrived as a new addition to their master's harem, she was quick to express her leadership, " Rhea continued. "Maybe that's the reason why she had an instant dislike to you because you're a queen."

"Women like her should just be ignored, " I remarked. "I don't want to waste my time stooping to her filthy level."

She laughed briefly, taking delight on what I said. "I couldn't agree more."

There was something about Rhea that I instantly had a connection to. Something warm and fuzzy. A soul sister — maybe that's the right word to define her.

"So, what's our escape plan? You got an army on the way here to rescue you and hopefully, the rest of us?"

Urghh... How I wish that was the case.

Her words reminded me of King Aero who for sure didn't even know I am in the vampire realm, or if he did, wouldn't bother his time rescuing me. The prick...

"I working on it, " I scrambled to say, "and hopefully it wouldn't involve bloodshed or us being dead."

"Hmm, I'm counting on it, Your Highness, " she stated with a grin.

"Please, just Serena. That title is a mouthful, " I cringed.

"Sure, no problem, " she nodded, then stepped forward to face m


As I moved closer to my bedside table, I felt a lampshade made of porcelain. I decided to hold it, try and use it as a form of weapon.

Seeing this, he chuckled. "That's pathetic."

"I know, " I stated. "That's why I'm doing this."

With that, I threw the lampshade against the glass partition of my chamber and the balcony. Instantly, it broke and it broke loudly.

I hoped it was an enough noise to alert the butler, any resident living in this castle or Lord Hale himself.

But as the shards of glass fell, I was hit on the cheeks. Blood quickly gushed out. The vampire lackey chuckled.

"You just made yourself even more delectable, Your Highness. I don't care how bitter your werewolf blood is. I'm going to drink all that in the name of my dead fiancee."

I didn't think anymore. In the hopes of evading him just to buy time, I chose to ran outside the balcony, passing the bits of glass barefooted.

I cringed when my skin did touch some shards. I felt the laceration on the soles of my feet. I felt the stickiness of the marbled floor. It was hard to continue running, but I knew I just had to.

"Stop wasting your blood, luna. Leave some for me!" I heard him say and the next thing I knew I was pushed forcefully down the floor, my forehead easily hitting solid ground leaving as a consequence, a fucking glorious headache.

It was all blurry after that. I heard a squeal of pain first and then saw my attacker being dragged away from me.

I felt a large hand touch my back and then a gentle touch of something soft and wet on my nape. It lingered for a few seconds, until it was followed by something I could easily discern as a tongue despite my fuzzy state.

This man or woman was clearly licking me...or more like my blood. Further dread washed all over me, but unfortunately, this time, I couldn't fight anymore. I was dragged to the bottom of darkness the moment my eyes snapped shut.

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