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   Chapter 22 A Jungle of Women

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< Serena >

After the dark lord introduced himself, he released my waist and walked past me.

"Come with me, " he said, tipping his head briefly towards the double doors.

I was not about to trust him easily especially after that threat so I arched a brow and asked him, "Where are we going?"

He paused from walking and glanced at me with a grin plastered on his face.

"To the human slaves, " he said. "With all the care you are expending to them, I take it you want to see them, right?"

I was aware I was being reckless earlier by showing too much interest on those women, so I decided to mellow it down to try and divert his attention. The trick was to stay true to my ruse of being a werewolf.

"You should know that I care and care deeply no matter what creature he or she is. I value justice and I value life. I step up when no one does. I fight for what is right."

"Wise words from a queen, " were his simple comment.

I hoped it was enough to lead him to the wrong path of the truth.

"Shall we, Lord Zuir?" I asked, pinning my sights on the doorway.

He stopped me from walking by touching my left arm with his chilly hand.

"Just Hale, " he corrected. "I prefer your tongue speak that name."

The way he looked at me made me uncomfortable. No matter how beautifully handsome he was, I couldn't get past the idea that I might be his meal in the future.

I just nodded at him and chose to ignore the little flirting he just did. He continued to walk again and I followed him from behind.

For minutes, we traversed four hallways and two stairs going down before we arrived in what he called as the 'Slaves Wing.'

The butler earlier walked from behind me like a ghost. I didn't notice his presence at all! He opened another set of double doors at the signal of his master and then bowed his head.

Inside, a spacious foyer greeted me and filled with it were women of different skin, built and hair color and cut. I was

u're dead wrong, " one woman with a long, black hair stated. She wore a red gown with a neckline that almost spilled her boobs. She reminded me of Betty Boop, but a bitchy version of her.

"What makes you think I want his sole attention on me?" I asked, lifting a brow.

She flashed a mocking smile and rolled her eyes. "Oh please, spare me the innocent act. Everybody here wants a piece of the Master. The fact that you declared yourself a queen in some place made us think you want to be noticed."

So she doesn't know mind commented. I'm unsure whether that was an advantage or not.

"I am a queen, but I don't expect you to prostrate in front of me. In fact, I'm here to help you...or I should say, I'm here to those who needed help."

"Help in what?" another woman with a short bob exclaimed. She was a few bodies away from the first woman.

"I believe we had the same circumstances leading to where we are right now. I was in an auction with a number of women and I believe these women need my help more than you do. They wanted to return to Earth."

"Huh!" the black-haired woman scoffed. "Them? Returning to Earth? But...whatever. The lesser competition on the Master's attention the better."

"Exactly my point. So now, I'd like to speak to some of them, " I stated.

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