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   Chapter 20 The Vampire Master

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< Serena >

The...other side of the story? I was taken aback. "What do you mean?" I tried to control my voice from choking and my mind from any wandering thoughts. Following the actions of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, I left my face blank of any emotion. Through this, I'd be unreadable in his eyes.

He walked past me, encircling me as he went on.

"Since the moment you claimed you were the Phanteon Queen, I had wondered why you were in the human world. Werewolves have been known to be quite loyal to their realm. They prefer to be in their territory together with their packs."

I raised my chin up as if I had a ready answer to give. However, truth be told, I didn't have an alibi at all. God help me.

"Also, I have known Aero to be quite hateful of women, " he continued. Commonsense told me where he was going with his words and so my hands started to tremble.

He couldn't have known! It was impossible!

"That said, I'm thinking of four possible reasons: One, your wolf husband decided to stay in the human world for your honeymoon."

I almost choked. Honeymoon, yes, if the sun breaks into two.

"—which for me is highly unlikely, " he added, grinning. "Like I said, werewolves prefer to be in their territory."

I remembered Phanteon and how majestic the place was. It wouldn't have been that bad to stay there for a honeymoon if I only married the right man.

"Two, " he continued, stopping to face me, "you were sent there for a mission—which again is unlikely."

His eyes turned dark and lust-filled as he gave me a once-over.

"Even I wouldn't want to let you leave my bed or my castle. No mission is more important than a new wife, especially when she's a horny one."

My cheeks heated.

"I could sense your heat you know. Wolves are known to get crazy over it. Aero would have taken advantage of it, so again the question, why are you in the human world?"

I felt my mouth dry up. Still I couldn't form an alibi. This vampire master must be muddling up my brain with his powers if he had one.

Then, he circled me once more.

This wasn't a negotiation anymore. This was more like an interrogation.

"Three, your husband rejected you simply because you're a

want to know what kind of ultimate pleasure he was talking about. Heck, I just didn't want my neck pierced with vampire fangs.

"Don't look helpless, " he told me, his words humming against his throat. "I'm pretty sure your husband got wind of your presence here on the vampire realm. If he indeed cared for you, he'll come here and claim you."

Uhhh...that's going to be a problem. Knowing the werewolf king, he wouldn't waste his time to visit realms just for me.

"And will you hand me over to him that easily?" I lashed, feighning as if my dear husband indeed cared and he was coming for me. "You won't cause a war between realms?"

His lips tipped upward whilst piercing me with his red eyes.

"Depends on how you taste, " he murmured.

"You must be joking." My palm went cold. For the first time ever since stepping in this vampire realm, I felt like food. And in his eyes, I saw myself as the most delectable food he would soon taste.

I was a hundred percent sure King Aero would never come to my rescue. I was on my own.

"In the next two days, you'll find that I don't joke, Your Highness, " he explained further. Every word I speak is absolute and true. I am the Dark Lord of Vampires in this realm. I am Lord Zuir Hale Lioncourt."

Dark lord of the vampires? I cried out in my head. No wonder Manross and the auctioneer didn't think twice handing me over to this vampire. He was literally the 'king' of this realm.

And I knew I was done for.

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