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   Chapter 19 In the Lair of the Vampire

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< Serena >

I was inside a grandiose bedroom, alone and not so surprised why I was separated from the other women with me. They thought me a royal after all and all royals get to have better treatment. It seems Earth and the other realms didn't differ in this aspect.

However, I would have preferred to be with the others, give them comfort maybe and at the same time gather intel. They might have an idea who had just purchased us.

I honestly thought my plan would work. Well, it would have worked out if it wasn't for that so-called master the butler was referring to. I saw the look of distress in Manross's and the auctioneer's eyes. They looked uncomfortable for a brief moment and then easily, they submitted.

"I will allow His Grace's request, but let all vampires before me bear witness to this event. I will wash my hands of any responsibilities and of any consequences that would arise between the realms of the vampires and werewolves, " was the auctioneer's cautious answer.

That time, I felt like a bucket of ice was dumped on me. I couldn't believe what he said.

Then I noticed the master of the butler stand up. Despite the shadow that hid him, I could tell he was tall and proportionally well-built. I felt the atmosphere of the room shift to freezing degrees and it wasn't because of the metaphorical bucket of ice. Oh no. It was this man's aura. However far the space between us, I felt his commanding presence envelope me. It was nerve wracking.

He nonchalantly waved a hand as if telling them he didn't care and then left the balcony, leaving the butler to speak for him.

"The Master says 'proceed.'"

With that, Manross grabbed my elbow and pulled me out of the stage. I cast a last glance at the auctioneer. His expression was that of insensitivity, but once his eyes met mine, he grinned.

I raised my chin and sent him a glare. I wanted him to know my confidence didn't break. I would find a way out of this mess soon.




"The Master would like to meet you, Your Highn

idence I could tie with my voice.

He slowly turned to face me, one large hand caressing the balustrade as if it was precious gem.

My breath was briefly caught in my throat once his face came to view under the light of the balcony.

He was handsome in a feminine kind of way. I couldn't quite explain it. His nose, jawline and lips were super fine. His brows were not bushy. It was well-trimmed. His hair were in the shade of brown, brushed up neatly but I could tell, the edges would look rough after a bath.

His eyes were the typical red for a vampire, but it surprisingly had a ring of silvery violet in the center. It brought me goosepumps staring at it; the kind where fear and excitement mixed.

"Hm, the truth is inconsequential and fleeting if I say so myself, " he answered, his voice giving out an echoing tone, "especially when what you claim hasn't been proved yet."

I frowned, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"I am the Queen of Phanteon, " I told him without stuttering. "I have no reason to explain anything to you."

He smirked at me.

"Oh, I know. I could see it in those courageous eyes of yours that you speak the truth."

"Good, " I nodded, "now let me start negotiating our release—"

"However, " he cut me off, raising a palm in between us, "I am more attracted to the other side of the story."

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