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   Chapter 18 Playing the Denying Game

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Since that woman's return to the human realm, I thought I'd be relieved of my problems. However, it actually worsened.

First, my council kept on fishing out information from me, asking where the queen was.

Second, since my alibi was that we were on the so-called traditional 'saricsa' or honeymoon on Earth terms and that I didn't want her to get out of our bedroom, my council had been bugging me about pups. Lots and lots of them. Quadruplets if possible for her first pregnancy. I had to scowl at them and change the topic instead.

Third, were my dreams. Not only was the council been bothering me about her, but my dreams too. They were nightmares if you ask me. I couldn't get a good night's sleep. Her face, her smile, everything about her were the constant subject inside my head. Now when I really did get a good sleep, it was after I get dreams of her and me consummating our marriage in the most scratch that...awful of ways.

In my dreams, she was underneath me whilst my cock was buried inside her, not an inch wasted of my erection. Sometimes, it would be another position in another location. She was moaning and grinding her ass too. She was crying out my name. She was swallowing my cum as I emptied myself inside her mouth. I had dreams wherein I'd do the same for her, licking her pussy, sucking the sensitive flesh until she came.

Everytime I wake from my dreams, I would find myself covered in sweat and my bedsheets in...cum. My body would heat up more than my transformation to a werewolf or lycan would and I'd find myself unsatisfied. I didn't want it to be just a dream. I wanted it real. And my wolf side agreed with it a hundred percent.

But of course, I'd remind myself again why I

on her again, I was already too late. I couldn't scent her anymore, not in the cafe she went earlier, not in her apartment, not in any other place. But somehow, I traced a faint smell of her in an abandoned building.

To my surprise and displeasure, I saw traces of a break in space; a sign that there was a very recent portal opened in this spot. I concluded that instant that she had hopped in another realm.

The big question was, where?

When I returned to Phanteon, I went back to my routine duties, telling myself that her safety or life didn't concern me. That she wasn't worth finding. Wherever she was, it was her problem, not mine.

By nightfall however, Elijah went barreling inside my chamber.

"Get your ass off that bed now!" he shouted.

I gave him a cold stare. "What is the problem now?" I stated.

"It's your wife, dear brother! My informants told me she was in Oldan's blood auction! She's in the vampire realm!"

Hearing it, my wolf growled loudly wanting to immediately jump there and save her. Somehow, I agreed with its desire, but it wasn't because of her. It was because I had some unfinished business in the vampire realm.

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