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   Chapter 17 The Queen in Action

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They were just myths playing a man's mind, romanticized by writers and overused by television shows in my world. But after spending time in Phanteon and actually seeing a real werewolf, I knew better now that vampires really exist too and my best guess was, I am in their realm.

I was never a fan of vampires. The gore, the blood, the fangs, the sleeping in the coffin and all that creepy turning into a bat stuff. I wished they were all just creations of a writer's mind to keep readers on their toes. However, judging from my situation and the other women with me in this room, I was beginning to think otherwise. After all, why kidnap human females if not for their blood right?

I felt the color drain my face as reality hit me and soon, my eyes brimmed with tears. However, I wasn't a crier. I had never been one, so I held it back. Now was not the time to be emotional. Now was the time to escape.

As I formulated a plan in my mind, I saw the women around me one by one pass through the door connected to the other side of the room. I saw blondie and her friend leave too. She didn't say goodbye to me. She just said goodluck and with that, I knew I had to do something to curb this fate of mine.

Twenty minutes later, I counted the remaining women around ten, including me. Some looked young, teenagers maybe, and others looked like me, in their twenties and in the prime of their lives. I understood why they looked scared. I reckon this was their first time in another realm.

Somehow, selfishly, at the back of my mind, I was thankful my first jump didn't end up in the vampire realm and in this auction no less. I was thankful I ended up in Phanteon, treated like royalty although at first my head was threatened of dismemberment.

"You, get up, " a busty, fat woman pointed to me with her finger and signaled me to move.

I looked at her with all the hatred I could give. I didn't want to be next. I still need to make a plan, but I guess I was running out of time.

"Get up I say!" she shouted, her face turning red.

Puffing my chest up, I straightened into my full height and walked to the door with my head held high. No vampire would buy me. No vampire would drain my blood. I'll make sure of that.

It turned out, the room I entered was not just a room. It was actually a theather. The platform blondie talked about wasn't just a small platform but actually a stage with two spotlights set-up directly on the center where an artsy sun was dr

ts to myself.

He looked at Manross again and gave out a long sigh. "Do as she says, " he said. Deep inside me, I was cheering. I didn't think my plan would be successful.

"But Master Oldan! We can't release the others! Our customers—"

"Will understand, " he finished and then looked at the audience bearing a big smile on his face.

"My Lords and Ladies have been very supportive with us since this auction started a hundred hears ago. I'm sure they support my decision."

I saw silhouettes of heads bobbed up and down in confirmation.

"I'm sure you could always hunt new ones, so I say release this woman and the remaining others at the back room."

"Release those women you already auctioned off too, " I added, making myself sound sterner.

The auctioneer shook his head and clucked his tongue. "No, no. That can't do, miss. You see, the vampire lords who had paid for them already sent them to their destinations. As to where that are, I have no idea."

I hissed thinking about blondie and her friend who had gone before me. I felt sorry I couldn't save them on time.

"Fine. I'll take what's left of us then, " I stated. "Return us to Earth now."

"If I may..." a new man voiced out suddenly and then, a spotlight was routed to him. He was standing in the highest balcony on the left wearing a starched black suit. His hairline was receeding and he looked to be no older than sixty.

"My master would like to purchase that woman including all the remaining slaves you have."

The master in question was sitting on the left side, his face and overall bearing was covered in darkness.

I felt panic rush inside me. What was he doing?!

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