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   Chapter 15 Wet Dreams

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< Serena >

A month had passed since my still unexplained travel to a different realm. Because of that experience, my perspective in life had changed. I saw the world on a grander scale now and I saw myself in it like an ant, so small and insignificant yet essential.

I also saw werewolf shows in telivisions quite funny. Their version of the beast didn't do justice at all to the real deal. But of course, I could be biased. Aero was royalty after all, and a king no less, so his wolf was expected to be magnificent.

These thirty days hadn't been easy for me. I thought I'd come to think of my experience as only a dream but day by day, the memories of Phanteon and especially of its King haunted me. The castle, the manor, the wedding, the kiss, and the King's face were vivid still.

The subject of my dreams were him. Always him. Worse, it was that kind of dream one could only see in erotic movies: him on top me pounding me hard, him beside me kneading my breasts and thrusting his erection, him doing me with my butt high up in the air, and not to mention the most erotic of all—his face in between my thighs doing heaven knows what there.

What's more, the mark on my wrist was still throbbing and burning like crazy. It actually hurt a lot. I had to take over-the-counter pain medications to try and relieve it but even with those, the ache wouldn't go away.

It was especially painful this night. I tossed and turned on my bed, whimpering and groaning in pain. If I was that barbaric, I would have cut my arm already, but I knew even if I do it, the pain would still be present. I had finally concluded the mark had magical qualities and its pain was more than physical.

I stood up from my bed and crossed the room, stopping in front of the castle painting I purchased many days ago. In my desperation to get help, I touched the surface of the painting hoping I would be transported back to Phanteon. It didn't happen. I was partly disappointed.

I went back to my bed and lay there motionless for a few minutes, but even those few minutes became unbearable. The mark still throbbed, reminding me o

"Do you mind if I leave now?" I stated frantically, gathering up my bag. "I have...uhm...suddenly remembered something very important."

Jessica smiled at me and nodded.

"Sure, we are finishing up anyway with our coffee."

I stooped low and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodbye, see you soon."

I quickly exited the cafe and went to stare at the same spot of the alley again. The wolf was not in sight anymore. No traces of it were seen. I decided to check out the rest of the area, thinking maybe it had transfered to another location.

Somehow in my haste, I saw its long, fluffy tail just pass by a corner. Without thinking, I quickly ran to it. When I rounded the corner, I saw the wolf enter an abandoned building.

Trespassing private property wasn't my cup of tea, but I needed to reach the wolf, so I jumped over a barbwire fence and walked inside the lobby with my alarm bells up.

The environment was typical for an abandoned building. The lobby was very spacious, with no furniture but with loads of dust.

Nothing caught my attention except for a break in space near the lobby's frontdesk. Just like before, when the king returned me to Earth, I saw an oval-shaped wall of energy. It was beckoning me to enter.

Since I was very adamant on seeking help with regards to the wrist mark, I decided to jump inside, hoping that I'd end up on the king's Phanteon again.

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