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   Chapter 13 Fulfilling the Agreement

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< Serena >

I didn't need a translator to tell me what the wolf wanted to do. I mean come on, what else would we be doing in the bed other than... It was crazy of me to even think such. That would be beastiality and obviously gross.

But of course, the wolf could always turn back into its human form like those ones I saw in Teen Wolf and would have me come face to face with my new husband and his uhm...naked form.

Technically, if this was a real wedding, we'd already be exercising our husband and wife rights, but this was far than real. He couldn't possibly be wanting to do that now when he strongly expressed his dislike on women a day ago.

What changed?

But as I waited, he didn't change into his human form. He just snapped at me and continued pointing to his king-sized bed with his snout.

Truthfully, I loved how his wolf looked. Sure it still scared me, but I was mesmerized by the midnight color of his fur and how it emanated power. Part of me wanted to cower before him and another part of me wanted to adore wolf.

When I didn't do what he ordered, I was ready for some kind of verbal punishment. However, he leaped towards me instead and I was pushed straight down the ground.

Squeaking, I used my arms to cut my fall. It was effective, but my butt still hurt like hell.

"Oww, " I winced, touching my behind.

I looked up and my eyes widened. The wolf was on top me, caging me with its limbs while its head lowered, trying to smell my neck.

It growled low. I couldn't interpret the sound if it was pleased with our position or angry at how I looked like a mouse ready to be skewered. With its golden eyes however, it stared at me with so much love and devotio

gasped as the King stepped inside without a head's up.

"Your High....!" I yelled, but wasn't able to finish my word as I suddenly found myself alone, standing in the front porch of my apartment in Fort Strait.

I looked around and found no soul in sight. It was midnight after all judging from the cockoo wallclock near my swing set.

"Thanks for staying true to our agreement, " I murmured to myself and pulled out my spare key in a secret hole on the ceiling.

My apartment appeared the same as I left it except for the daisies in my vase that had wilted. I checked the digital clock on top my kitchen island and it read, May 16, 2019. Roughly five days had passed. It seemed the time on Earth and Phanteon was close to similar.

Sighing, I went to my bedroom upstairs and went straight ahead to stripping myself. God I was so relieved everything about that realm had come to pass. Maybe I would just think of it as a dream in the coming few days, but as I stared at the crescent moon mark still embedded on my right wrist, I highly doubt I would ever call it a dream.

It was my remembrance of the insensitive King of Phanteon.

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