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   Chapter 12 Fixed Feelings

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I didn't know what came over me. I felt a burning desire I had never felt before in my entire life. A burning desire to possess a woman. And not just any woman.


I couldn't get her out of my head despite trying to: her brown, wavy hair, her hazel eyes, her rosy cheeks, her overall bearing and of course, her lips—those pale pink flesh that I had tasted during our wedding.

Being a woman, I should be loathing everything about her, but I found myself leaning in another direction.


I grabbed the chalice on the table filled with my favorite wine straight from Hest, the realm of magical creatures. The grapes in their kingdom were the best and it was known far and wide. Trying to contain the woman's thoughts from taking over my control, my grip of the chalice tightened and consequently, it dented.

From my imbedded fingers there replaced a gaping whole. The wine immediately seeped out of it. I cursed under my breath and sent the destroyed chalice flying over the oval table and hitting the wall.

'Mate...' my lycan side growled out again, effectively reminding me of my stupidity back when I was a kid. I should have never created that word and put meaning to it. In my loneliness, the idea of a woman created only for me entertained my juvenile mind. It was the only light that gave me hope in a life surrounded by emptiness.

Now my stupidity had come to bite me in the ass. Big time.

Why would my wolf think a woman like that would exist? I certainly killed that idea decades ago.

While in my state of confusion, I felt the mark on my wrist throb. I stared at it feeling disgusted, but that disgust didn't last long. My eyes blurred and soon enough darkness surrounded me.

The next thing I knew, my wolf form surfaced. I heard its thoughts and it was crying out one word.


And it was d

sed her blood rushing to her heart more than normal. I whiffed her scent heightening too no doubt due to fear. It would be funny to prank her with this form, but no. Oh no. Pranking her wasn't what my wolf wanted to do.

I growled again and bobbed my head up, signaling her to stand up.

She immediately did with both hands raised. "Are we going to my realm now?"

My wolf growled louder, displeased to hear her words. "No, " was what it said in my thoughts. "Never."

"I want her out of here!" I added, but my wolf just ignored me.

Using my snout, I pointed to the bed.

Despite darkness surrounding her, I could immediately see the change of color on her face to white.

"Why do you want me to go there? I thought we agreed there will be no consummation of our marriage. The wedding is a fake just in case you forgot!"

My wolf growled in response and snapped his mouth in front of her.

"Don't you dare do that to me, " she pointed out. "I trusted you!"

I was beyond amazed by her suddenly. She stood up on her ground despite how tiny she was as compared to my towering form.

Maybe I should give her some credit for doing this.

But my wolf wouldn't budge too. "Mine, " it said and decided to jump into her.

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