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   Chapter 9 A Euphoric Feeling

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< Serena >

I sat stiffly on my seat whilst looking down on the celebration in front of me. Every guest were laughing and lively and really enjoying the moment. I envied them. This was exactly what I envisioned my wedding reception to be, but unfortunately, I married the wrong man.

That aforementioned wrong man sat next to me, on his throne that looked very striking. It was literally an enormous head of an animal—a wolf most likely—with its mouth filled with serrated teeth and opened wide to accommodate my husband's royal butt.

Ever since the wedding ceremony ended, he had been sporting a rather unreadable expression on his face. It was not a scowl or a frown. Just a blank face. He would show a smile when needed, but I knew he was just faking it like I was.

I clearly remembered everything that went down on that ceremony. I remembered the bright light in the form of chains and how it left a wierd mark on both of our wrists. I remembered myself suddenly turning anxious and afraid; felt confused and clueless. A second later, a sense of completeness filled me and for an unexplained moment, I thought standing with the king felt right.

That wonderful euphoric feeling was gone in a snap. It was replaced with fear again and with that, my hands visibly shook. I wasn't sure what the markings on our wrists meant. I was hoping on the back of my mind it wasn't something serious.

King Aero saw my discomfort and just as expected, he acted like a loving husband-to-be, assuring me that it was alright. He probably thought I'd back down on our agreement.

Huh, like hell I would. I just needed to see through this day and I'd be gone in this realm forever. Never mind whatever my mark meant.

But 'seeing through this day' unfortunately included kissing the damn man. I knew I couldn't run away from this with all the pairs of eyes trained on us, so I did the only thing I could do at the moment and it was to curse.


The moment his mouth met mine, I wanted to gag. It was the coldest kiss I had ever received in my life. I had received kisses before in the form of my ex in high school, in college and the last one in the place I used to work at. Though they didn't look as godly as this man was, I should say they kiss

window with a deeper frown on my face.

His wife and his queen huh? I scoffed. What a total bulshit.

But as far as I hated admitting it, he was right. This was the reason why we underwent this fake wedding in the beginning, so I had to straighten up my spine and use the best acting skills I have.

Our travel to the castle took only a few minutes, but in that short amount of time, I was bombarded by the memory of the wedding kiss we shared: his supple lips on mine ravishing me, craving me and making me feel like I was the most desirable woman on his realm.

Despite myself, I bit the bottom of my lip and gulped hard. Hell, I shouldn't be easily misled by such an act.

Whatever happened to us that time, I think it was just because of the pressure around us. Certainly as plain and simple as that. Nothing more to add.

When we reached inside the castle, we were both ushered towards the throne room and that was where his subjects paid their respects on me as their queen.

I wasn't given a crown. It seemed they didn't use one if the king's absence of a crown were an indication. They showed an immense respect on both of us however; enthusiasm and excitement filled their eyes despite being crownless.

Back on the now, I glanced at my king husband on his throne with a newly filled chalice on hand. The night was getting older and little by little I was beginning to feel apprehensive.

The next hurdle to take was now surviving the night in one room together with the king.

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