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   Chapter 8 An Unexpected Development

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My jaw tensed at the temper simmering inside me. I had no desire to hold a woman's hand, but I didn't have a choice. I had to keep up appearances.

The bride, however, lifted her hands up without a second thought and waited for me to hold it.

When the high priest cleared his throat, that was when I realized I hadn't actually moved yet.

With a deep breath to settle my developing temper, I accepted her hands, enveloping them with my large palm.

"Your Majesty, you may now say your vows, " the old man stated. I gave him an arched brow. What did he say again?

"Start with your bride's name, Your Majesty, and say your vows loudly for all to hear, " he reminded.

I had to take another deep breath to control the growing turmoil inside me. Fuck! Why must there be vows in a wedding? I should abolish this when I get my hands on paperworks again.

"Se...rena, " I started, my voice toneless. A large part of me was hesitant to speak her name. I was lucky to have remembered her name even. "I offer you a life filled with contentment, of peace and happiness. I offer you protection and safety, and a life filled with bounty and wealth."

In the back of my head, there was a double meaning on my words. Once she returns to her world, she'd be exactly getting these things.

I wanted to stop right there, but then the high priest cleared his throat again and murmured, "Your vow of love, Your Majesty. Let your people hear it. Give them inspiration."

My nostrils subtly flared. The audacity of this old man was beyond measure, but again, I had to keep up appearances.

I stared sharply at my bride through the holes of the lace covering so that she'd sense my displeasure. Surely, she was intelligent enough to know that the incoming words I would spew from my mouth didn't mean a single thing.

Holding her hands tightly, I started again with my voice even louder this time, "You are the woman who captured my heart and chased out the darkness within and for this, I vow to love and cherish you for the rest of my life. I vow to keep you by my side forever. My heart is yours for all eternity."

A deafening applause suddenly erupted and the cheers of the crowd burst through the air. They were crying out their happiness and as I looked around, there were numerous spectators who actually cried and hugged each other.

I was beyond stunned by their reaction to my vow. Where they really that moved with my words?

It looked like they were.

But a selfish part of me simply snickered. Their overwhelming reaction meant I nailed my acting perfectly. Now, it was my dear bride's turn to sell her ruse.

The crowd fell silent as they waited for her

do the same.

Mentally, I had already prepared for it for two days. I thought I prepared myself enough, but in front of this woman, in front of my new wife and queen, I was not sure anymore.

"Kiss!" Somebody from the crowd reminded me. Fuck. And then everybody followed shouting that one damning word.

"Kiss! Kiss!"

I grinned at them and waved a hand to recognize their request. Fuck. But deep inside though, I wanted to rip their throats out.

"Is a kiss really necessary?" she asked worriedly to me whilst giving out a fake smile to the audience.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and brought her closer to me. "It's tradition here, to show that the wedded couple are indeed happy with the union."

"I'm not happy with this union, " she blurted out, again fake smiling the crowd and waving at them like a queen naturally would.

I groaned in frustration. "So am I, but we have to give them a show."

"Shit, " was the last word I heard from her when I stooped down, lifted her veil up and captured her mouth.

The crowd burst out with cheers once more. It was getting really tiring to hear it.

As initially planned, I only wanted our mouths pressed, create an illusion that we were passionately kissing, but to my surprise, her lips slightly parted. I whiffed I really good scent from her. A scent I hadn't picked up in a woman or any other creature for that matter. It was filling up my mind with euphoria. My nose liked it. My lungs adored it. Then, unconsciously, I parted my lips too. At the touch of our moistened mouths and the mixture of our warm breaths, an unknown kind of need filled me.

My wolf howled inside and before I knew it, I was kissing my fake wife like a mad beast that had escaped from its prison.


Double fuck.

Triple fuck.

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