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   Chapter 2 Meeting The Prince

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I swear the lemons that life is giving me, one day I'm going to shove these lemons in life's ass. It's Friday night and I'm working at this dinner as a waitress while all my friends are parting out there, living the time of their lives without a care. Probably I'm in the worst phase of my life.

But this too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone but this phase will pass. It has to pass!

"Hey Rubby! Quite your day dreaming and come back to earth! There are customers out there who are waiting for Princess Rubby to take their orders. Get your ass here!" Came Enzo's snappy voice.

God! If Rebecca didn't need this job she definatly would have given Enzo a piece of her mind. Enzo is the owner of the dinner. He's in his early forties. He's a good person only if he keeps that sarcastic mouth of his shut.

Rebecca has given him a title and that is 'Enzo The Little Bitch'. Although he can act like a bitch from time to time but it's also true that he was her father's best friend. Enzo had helped her out in the most difficult times of her life but that doesn't mean that he goes easy on her.

Whenever she wants to give up he pulls her back on her feet. He's like a mentor to her. A little bitchy but she can deal with that. At least she still has someone who cares about her.

She still remember after her father's death she was devastated, didn't wanted to do anything, hell she even wanted to quit college after mom was hospitalized and that was two days after dad's funeral.

At that time Enzo was there for her. He helped her to get back on her feet, supported her. Offered her a job when she didn't take money from him. After her parents he was the only constant in her life.

"Coming.." Rebecca shouted from the changing room.

At twenty Rebecca was struggling to complete her degree, taking care of her mother and the medical bills that were breaking her back.

But life wasn't this difficult when she had her father. Her father who gave his life to save his baby girl and wife. Her parents were so in love with each other that it was too good to be true. Rebecca's mom was devastated at her father's death, it's miracle that she survived the heartbreak of losing the love of her life.

She's currently in a hospital and in a fucking coma but at least she is alive. Rebecca's father, Mathew wasn't a very rich man but he had built a good life for his family. Mathew was a doctor and he was practicing at a private clinic while mom was working at an event planning company.

Usually in a household the man of the house do all the heavy lifting job but that was not the scene in Rebecca's home. It was funny that her mom used to do all the difficult stuff. She was more stronger than dad. Rebecca still remember that while cleaning up mom used to lift a whole damn sofa while dad cleaned the carpet under it.

Rebecca had a perfect childhood, a perfect life until she turned eighteen years old.

And now with dad gone and mom in the hospital all the responsibilities had fallen upon Rebecca's shoulder. But Rebecca knew that this time will pass.

Better day awaits~

My mom used to say that sometimes life throws us in the bottom of a well and then suddenly it raises us above the clouds and this keeps happening. It's a circle of life. We just need to learn to go with it's flow in order to survive.

Currently Rebecca is sitting on her ass in the bottom of that well. Waiting for this phase to just end, waiting for a miracle to happen. She wants her old life back. She wants her family back.

Her happy family. She wants all these hardships to end. She know she can't get her father back but she wants her mother back. She wants her so bad that it fucking hurts.

Loneliness dances in her home sweet home that once thrived with happiness. It didn't feel like home without her family in it. Without her family it's just a house~


Connor King looked around the busy dinner. He knew that coming here was a bad idea. He should have send someone else to deal with this arrogant and foolish alpha. His inner beast was already on edge today.

Normally the Lycans don't interfere in Werewolf business. But the Prince of lycans is sitting in a small dinner to deal with these lowly werewolves all thanks to his Mighty Uncle.

Werewolfs are considered as an abominations. The lycans are the Moon's child while Werewolfs are the Moon's curse that's the reason why they don't mingle. But when a pack interacts with humans in a way that has the risk of revealing their kind to human, lycans are the one who eliminates the threat to their kind.

The sole reason why Werewolf came into being was that lycan are the strongest race. Once there was a lycan warrior who thought that revealing their kind to humans and ruling over them is their birthright as a stronger race. So he, defying all the rules of Nature and Moon revealed himself to humans and killed a large number of them.

He was Moon's child just like them so the Moon didn't killed him but that didn't mean that the Moon forgave him because the Moon never forgives, it punishes.

The Lycan Warrior was cursed by the Goddess. A curse of turning into a wolf. It is said that the Warrior acted on his animal instinct and tried to rule the weak race so he was bound with a actual animal for an eternity by the Moon Goddess.

And Werewolfs are his offsprings an abominations.

Today history is repeating itself. The Black Moon Pack is in interfering with human's life yet again. There are rumours that in the past it was even involved in killing humans but somehow got away with it.

But this time before the moon acts, the lycans are trying to cool the situation. If the Black Moon Pack didn't back out of human business than the lycans will have no other choice but to massacre the whole pack, they don't need more abominations in their world.

Currently the the stubborn Alpha of the Black Moon Pack is sitting across the Lycan Prince with his son, the soon to be next Alpha, only if they survived this meeting.

"You already know why I'm here. Let's not beat around the bush! Your pack has a history of involving themselves in the forbidden human business." Connor's question was more like a statement. He just want this matter closed as soon as possible.

"We don't know what you are talking about. My pack knows our limits. We don't mingle with humans unless someone form that specie is our mate." The old Alpha lied through his teeth. Everyone knows how innocent he and his pack members are.

The pack the Black Moon Pack is one of the largest and strongest pack of Werewolfs. In Connor's view it is the largest population of abominations.

"So it's not true that your son is hiring demons to search a human girl. Since when did Werewolfs started to mingle with demons?" Connor caught a glimpse of the Alpha's wolf. His eyes flashed a mix shade of black and golden.

When a lycan is enraged his eyes flashes golden, indicating that his inner beast is close to surface but in werewolfs case it is different, their eyes turn into different color from lycans and the color vary in each wolf according to his origin. The Alpha's flashing eyes indicates that he was enraged by Connor's words.

But he will be fool to let his animal out in front of Connor, one wrong move and Connor will have the Alpha's head. He was the Prince lycans from the royal bloodline. And thing about the royals is that they are viscous, evil and more of a beasts than their inner lycans.

"I didn't have any idea about this but I'll investigate this matter myself and I assure you that you won't hear any complaints related to me or my pack." The Alpha replied firmly with his fists clenched, he was trying hard to keep his wolf in control.

"Last time you were lucky to get away with that animal attack of yours but believe me this time you won't be lucky enough. One wrong move and your pack will bear the consequences." Connor warned. He looked at the Alpha and than his son. The son looked kinda pale while the Alpha's face was full of rage. The look he gave his son made it clear that he knew nothing about his son's activities with the demon and humans.

They were related with blood but both of them have no similarities. The Alpha's eyes were of a dark blue shade while his son's eyes were a mixture of unique colors. His left eye was of green color while his right eye was of a magnificent mixture of orange and dark blue shade. The Alpha's hairs were jet black whil

e his son is a redheaded.

Fascinating. . .!

"I apologize for offending you Sir. Be assured, it won't happen again. Ohh and BTW you're a pussy." A strange voice came from behind him. The voice raised the hairs on the back of Connor's neck.

It was like a shock, the voice shook Connor's body, sending shivers down his spine. His heart was beating rapidly like he had ran miles. Mustering up some courage, Connor turned and looked towards the most stunning girl he had ever seen in his life.

She was dazzling~

"Let's see what your manager will think about you calling your customer a pussy! Call your manager." Her hazel eyes narrowed on the man who threatened her. Connor's own beast wasn't happy seeing her in distress. Her plump pink lips were set in a straight line.

"Hence proved! Congrats pussycat, calling my manager because you are intimidated by me just proved my point. And by the way I'm sure my manager will be glad that I'm throwing out the person who called his employee a lazy bitch." The girl sneered at the blad customer who was sitting on a chair, glaring daggers at her.

"Little girl do you know who I'm?" The man bit out, stressing each word. Probably trying to scare her.

"No and I just don't care. Now do us both a favor and get your stinky ass out of this place because no one's going to take your order here. I want this table empty when I return." She threatened, at this point she was face to face with the blad man. His earlier attempt of scaring the girl had no effect on her.

"What if I didn't?" The blad man challenged.

"Oh come on! You don't want to know who my father is, I'm in a forgiving mood today so leave before I call him and he eats you alive." She challenged back, not backing down a bit.

Such a little spitfire she is!

"And who's your father bitch?" The man spat the insult at her. Connor's beast growled more furiously in his cage at the soon to be dead man who dared to disrespect his mate.

"He is the owner of this dinner who is going to shove your ass on a cactus or probably fuck your ass on a cactus for calling his daughter a bitch." She threatened again. Connor gazed at the Alpha's son who had just spit out the water he was drinking at Connor's mate's colorful threats.

Connor gazed back at his mate, from the stiffness of her shoulders Connor can bet that she was lying but the blad man bought her lie.

"You will pay for this!" The man snapped.

"Actually I won't because I'm currently a little low on money all thanks to douche customers like you!" She snapped back.

After a little hesitation the blad man left. Which was a wise decision because if he didn't have left Connor's beast would have killed him without a second thought.

When she turned towards the table occupied by Connor her hazel eyes caught his blue ones, her plump pink lips parted and a sight escaped from them.

It was clear that she wasn't human. Connor's beast can feel presence of a wolf inside her. She had a small but stubborn nose. Her face was covered with freckles but they seem to enhance her beauty, making her more attractive. She was brunette, her hairs were tied in a high ponytail. The sleeveless shirt that she was wearing showed her pale skin which made it more difficult for Connor to control his inner beast who wanted to meet his mate, to mark her revealed neck, to claim her as their mate.

Connor had never thought about meeting or finding his mate. He has a carefree life with his future and ambitions figured out and he was happy in his life.

Never in his wildest dreams he had thought that he will meet his mate at a small dinner.

There she will be standing just behind him challenging a man and Connor will be too shocked to do anything about it. He will be just glued to his seat with his beast howling inside the cage of his mind.

He was so shocked that he didn't even noticed when she came to stand at his table, just a few steps away from him. She was so close, so close to him and his beast. He was struggling to keep his beast in check. He can bet that his eyes must be flickering from blue to golden, indicated that his beast wants to be free.

One look at her and Connor knew who she was. A Werewolf. At her shocked expression Connor knew that she had seen a glimpse of his inner beast. He knew that he had to get out of here as soon as possible. She was a wolf, a Werewolf. They weren't meant to be together. The Goddess must had made a mistake.

Connor looked at her, she was everything his lycan wished for but nothing that he wanted. His lycan was pounding in his head to get free to hold his mate before she disappears but Connor was too selfish to let him meet his soulmate.

Because Connor already had one and no matter how much his beast wants this girl, he can't let him be with her.

The one thing that confused Connor was that she was a werewolf and it was obvious that she was his mate but instead of jumping his bones she was standing there like she didn't recognize him as her mate.

Connor would have been delighted but instead he was raged by the fact that his mate had not recognized him.

Rebecca looked towards the three male eye candies. It's not everyday that three Demi Gods came to dine here. Rebecca is supposed to take their orders.

She was still waiting for their order when one of the Demi God's eyes flashed golden. She did a double take and his eyes were back to their spellbinding blue color.

There was something weird about this Demi God. Rebecca felt a pull towards him. Something about him was calling to her very soul. It's a bit extreme but it's true.

"Are you wearing lenses?" She didn't know what urged her to ask this but she blurted the question out.

And to her utter embarrassment the Demi God with blonde hairs didn't replied. Guess we have another rich snob here tonight. Rebecca had dealt with a lot of them to know that he was one of them. The angry rich type who thinks that they are doing a favour on everyone by dining here and for this everyone here should bow down in their honor just like the arse she had dealt with a few moments ago.

"Okay if you're done staring at me than can you place your order?" Rebecca asked with a raised brow. But no answer came from the blondie.

Rebecca decided to leave him alone if he didn't want to place an order than good for him it wasn't her problem. He was just making her work easy, she will have to carry one less plate. So she turned her attention towards the two super models who were staring at her strangely.

It was then she noticed one's eyes, his left eye was green and the right one was a dark blue with flicks of orange shade just like Rebecca's mother.

"You have my mom's eyes." When he gave Rebecca a confused look she explained. "I mean they are the same shade just like my mothers, mesmerizing." Rebecca commented. He was even a redheaded just like her mom but she kept that information to herself. They will think that she's crazy.

It's been two years since she last saw her mom's eye and now looking in this stranger's eyes it feels like her mother is staring back at her.

God! Rebecca miss her mom~

"Well thanks. What's your mother's name?" The male model asked. Rebecca glanced at his two buddies and found them glaring at him. Well maybe they didn't like their buddy talking to a lowly waitress.

Bloody rich snobs!

Before Rebecca could answer his question Enzo came out of nowhere. "Princess Rubby can I have a word with you?" Rebecca was going to tell him that she was busy but he didn't gave her a chance to reply.

"Clara can you please take the orders of these gentlemen over here. Sorry for the inconvenience gentlemen. And Rubby come with me!" Enzo signaled Clara towards the male eye candies before heading towards his office.

"Well that's my signal to leave."

Rebecca gave the male model an apologetic smile and turned to follow Enzo but not before narrowing her eyes on the blonde Demi God and to her surprise she found his eyes flickering again but she was wise enough to keep her mouth shut. Maybe she was just imagining things. But to her utter  horror when Rebecca witnessed the Demi God's claw like nails digging into the table she thought she should definitely have brought her glasses at work.

While following Enzo to his office Rebecca felt three pair of eyes at her back. She was definitely being paranoid.

Entering Enzo's office, Rebecca was sure that this is going to be a long night.

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