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   Chapter 23 Twenty three

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"Are you okay, Ira?" I hear Rachel's voice.

I hear it alright, but I can't get myself to open my eyes or to even let go of the seatbelt I'm holding like my life is dependent on it.

And hell if it isn't.

"Oh c'mon, you were the one who asked me show my best. And you are being chicken now." Amusement is audible in her tone.



"You should have never been given a car at the first place. You drive like Devil!" I cry out still clutching my seatbelt but at least my eyes are open now and I notice we are in front of Romero's place or our place.

And she laughs.

The dare!

I squint my eyes at her, she tries to stop her laughter, and that too unsuccessfully.

"Okay fine, I'm sorry." She manages to speak between her breath.

"No, you're not!" Grumbling, I work on seatbelt.

"You are right. I'm not." She chuckles, getting out of car as well.

Why did I ever think of her as meek or small, I have no idea.

She is the little devil, all right.

"I've had thousand heart attack in last one hour!" I exclaim.

I know I'm being dramatic but I've had the worst driving experience of all time, I'm allowed to be a little over the top.

And excuse me if anyone disagrees.

She rolls her eyes. "It was hardly ten minutes."

I narrow my eyes and she raises her hand in mock surrender.

"You know just few minutes ago you looked so nervous, I'd would have never guessed you had this dare devil inside you." I tell her as we pass the doorman and into the elevator.

"Can you blame me? Slade received this message from his sister to check out this restaurant and next thing I know Slade and King against each other. I hate fights, like seriously hate it. And your boyfriend looked ready to roll into it."

There is something in her voice when she says fight, something akin to pain.

"I get it. Romero has this expression on him when he is angry and it's intense." I smile thinking of the times he has been angry at me.

"Exactly. Plus Slade has told me all about you guys and why King is angry with him, and I th



I will not say sorry for my actions as my priority was well-being of Romero. He is like son to me and I may not be able to show him enough but I love him very much. I want him to have everything in his life. And his everything revolves around you. Believe me, when we King love, we love exactly like this. Not many can handle this love, but I hope you are strong enough to handle Romero's love. In future you both are going to need each other, don't let anything come between you, always trust yourself and his love for you.

Welcome to the family.

See you soon.

Dante King.

My heart feels like it's about to burst open.

I'm just that much happy.

I feel a burden has bees taken off my chest.

Dante is Rom's only family and having him accept and welcome me is nothing short of blessings to me.

After everything Rom has told me about Dante, I feel there is so much more behind that sly smile and cocky facade.

And he says when we King love, does that includes Dante King too?

Has he loved someone just like the way Romero loves me?

I want to know but I have no idea how could I ever do that.

I don't think even Romero knows this answer considering he wasn't that closs to him.

And why exactly does he mean in future we are going to need each other? Is it just a normal sentence or something more is in there?

"Akira Mary Ray!"


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