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   Chapter 22 Twenty two

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Panicked, I look over Romero, "Baby, please don't be angry. I know you said that you didn't want to talk to him yet but I thought..." I stop midway when I notice I've lost his attention to the newcomers.

Crap, crap, crap!


This is so going to get out of my hand.

Well done, Ira. You have just ruined his perfect mood.

Now he is going to be pissed.

Romero abruptly stands up and throwing some bill on the table, he snatches my wrist before almost dragging me out. I stare at his back, not exactly surprised but also not expecting the move.

I messed up!

How did I manage to mess up again?

Oh yeah.

I texted Syd few minutes ago, notifying her that I got a way to solve the misunderstanding between the two friends.

And my epic solution was to bring Slade in front of Romero after getting him a little bit emotional.

But as we pass an equally shocked looking Slade, I realise that I just messed up a big time.

Because my partner in crime forgot to mention that he was going to meet his bestfriend.

"Romero, stop." I manage to let out with my clenched teeth while trying to smile to the onlookers as if this was a regular thing.

As predicted, he doesn't give it a second thought and continues to walk, pulling me behind him.

I exhale a breath as we exit the diner but it's short lived because even on parking lot there are enough people to make a crowd, "Rom, just hear me out. It's not how it looks like. I mean-"

"Fuck you, asshole!"

The voice from behind us stops Romero in a halt, causing me to bump into him.

"I'm done trying to explain myself, you fucker!"

It's Slade.

And he sounds mad.

Jesus Christ!

I have really done it this time, haven't I?

Then it happens and it all happens so fast that I almost sway on my place.

One moment Romero is by my side and the next he is punching Slade on the face, I wince closing my eyes as I hear an unmistakable sound of jaw breaking.


Slade touches his jaw briefly and nods, "I deserved that one."

Just as he finishes his sentence, Romero strikes again, this time with more force than the last time.


This time Slade doesn't hold back either and strikes right back Romero.

Oh no.

I prepare myself to launch at them.

Just as I am about to come between them, I find Rom smirking at Slade.


"I dese


"I'm not going to do anything without you. I promised to arrange my painting room with you so I will do it later on. Is that good?" I blink at him in expectation of a positive.

"Come on dude. I need a King and Slade time." Slade grins while I hide mine.

"Fuck you. Your hotel?"

"Yeah, sounds good but first lets go to gym."

Romero turns to reaching out for his car keys. "Take it with you. I'll drive with-"

Slade, interrupts Romero once again, "Nah. My girl has her car with her. She loves fast car and races in the track."

Romero's eyes shoot up, so does mine.


"Really?" Romero voices out my thought.

"Yeah sometimes." Rachel replies with a shrug trying to appear unaffected but she clearly doesn't like attention.

This small girl, nervous girl races car?

There again is a lesson, don't judge a book by its cover.

I smile at her, "Come on then. Let's these boys and have some fun of our own."

I start to move when Romero yanks me back pulling me into quick but breathtaking kiss, "Don't have too much fun, baby Save some for tonight, Ray."

I blush, "You're a fiend, Rom."

"And you have a soft heart. Always trying to make everyone happy."

I realise what he is trying to say, "I know I probably should have-"

He kisses me again.

"I love you."

I breath in, "I love you back."

"Now go before I change my mind." He smirks but his eyes tell me he is serious.

'Fiend' I mouth laughing just as Slade and Rachel have done there share of kisses.

"Lets go."

She nods leading me towards her car.


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