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   Chapter 20 Twenty

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Romero doesn't say a word until we are in his car, whole way out he seems to be in some deep thoughts.

"Ray?" He asks as soon he starts the engine.

"What?" I turn to face him.

"That was the first time I saw you getting possessive over me."

Oh well.

Of course he'd think that. He doesn't know about all the other times I've had murderous thoughts in my blind possessiveness over him.

What he doesn't know wouldn't hurt him, right?

So I just shrug, "There is always a first for everything."

There is a smirk on his face, "But that was pretty hot."

"Was it?"

"It was so hot that I still have a hard on."

I feel a blush colouring my face, "You're a fiend, Romero King."

Sparing me a look, he throws a cheeky wink, "Not my fault, Ray, not mine."

I let out a giggle before sobering up as the troublesome thought hit me, "So those girls were for your entertainment huh?"

He gives me a sideway glance as if accessing my mood, "According to Dante, they were but for me, they were nothing more than nuisance."

"Maybe they are nuisance now but there was a time when they were not." I comment bitterly.

I don't know why I'm stretching it but something about the way Dante bought them in our home doesn't fit right by me.

Our home?

Holy crap, I'm already referring to his home as our home even though I haven't officially started living there yet.

I'm really getting over the top possessive about him, aren't I?

I hear Romero sigh as the car comes to halt and he turns toward me, "What do you want me to say, Ray? Do you want me to tell you that yes, I used to entertain those type of women? That Dante used to bring them when he thought I was down or something? That this was probably the only way he knew to show he cares, other than keeping tabs on me?

"You know I have a past but you also know that it didn't meant anything to me. If I could change everything I would do it in a heartbeat and instead of waiting around for you I would have tried to fo

m deeper, so even though I had him as my guardian, he was never there, it wasn't until later when he started showing a bit of him. He doesn't know love, compassion any better than I knew before I met you."

Good God

I could have never imagined Dante's life is this much difficult behind his handsome face and arrogant persona.

Addicted to pain?

Like enjoying getting hurt physically?

I feel sick even thinking about it.

"And how old he was when he became your legal guardian?"

"He was twenty two that time, so young and scarred. He hardly knew how to take care of himself in his condition let alone a difficult kid like me, so he let me be until he had no choice but to knock some sense into me." A smile appears on his face, "I still remember that day when he truly spoke to me for the first time. I was a junior in highschool then and since that day he tried to show that he cares, I guess, not that I acknowledged any of that. I was busy being angry at the world for everything and him for changing my school."

The smile on his face as if reminiscing a happy memory loosens my stomach and I feel relieved that there is at least something positive in this tragedy otherwise known as his life.

That reminds me.....

"About that-" Just then the waiter returns with our order interrupting my next question.


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