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   Chapter 19 Nineteen

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"This all is so beautiful, Rom. I don't know what to say." I shake my head, trying to recall any word that could express my emotions.

"This was your birthday present." He sounds far away, as if transferred to that black day of our life.

I put on my brightest smile and lock my arms around his neck, "Well now it's my welcome back present."

He smirks, pulling me closer, "What about mine?"

"I'm coming to live with you. Am I not enough?" I scowl, playfully.

"Ah, don't go down that road, lady, because you know you're going to have my body for all yourself."


We are silent for a moment until my stomach growls loudly, catching our attention.

I groan, embarrassed while a slow grin appears on his face.

"Looks like I have worn you out and its time to get back your energy so we can continue from where we have left."

My eyes widen, "Again? But we just-", I shut up when he grinds against me and I notice the harden part of his lower body.

"You feel it?" I know he is enjoying it.

"You're a fiend, Rom." I swat his palm from my butt.

"It's not my fault, it's all yours."

"Mine? How is it my fault?" I scoff.

"Ray, you just need to look at me and I will go hard as rock."

Though I won't admit it but he does the same for me. One look from him and I turn into a melting ice cream.

Before I could give him a smartass reply, there is a knock on the door and Martha pokes her head in, trying and failing miserably to not look interested.

"Master Dante is here and he is not alone."

And there is the stoic expression of my boyfriend I sometimes missed.

"Thank you Martha, I will see what he wants now."

Martha looks so excited as if she is going to witness handful of drama, that I almost see her smirk as she leaves.

Ignoring my curiosity, I turn to Romero, "Go, I will be there in a minute."

His face softens considerably, "Why?"

"I need to look presentable in front of your uncle."

Sweeping his eyes all over my form, he grins, "You look presentable enough."

"You are my boyfriend, that's your job to compliment me but I don't want your uncle to get any bad impression."

"Ray, what he thinks doesn't matter."

"It matters to me." I argue.

And of course it matter. Dante is the only person of his family I have met and he seems to care deeply about Romero. Obviously I want to impress him, not make him think that I'm some kind of wanton.

"Alright, fine. But make it fast, we are going out for lunch."

Now that sounds

angry Romero, as he snaps, "The condition of my nephew I found him in."

All of my fake cheerfulness disappears and my stomach drops at the mention of that. I recall Martha telling me about how self destructive Rom had become after his accident and how Dante was the one who took care of Rom and made him sober up.

Romero probably notices my reaction and takes hold of my hand in a firm grip, "Piss off! Do whatever you came here for but I want you gone when we return."

Then turning to Martha, he orders, "Get rid of the others." Who just nods excitingly as if she has been waiting for this since long.

"But-" The sultry voiced girl starts to protest as Romero begins to lead me to toward front door.

Oh no.

I won't let anyone put me off. I was having a good day and no one can spoil it for me.

I tug my hand and stop right in front of the sultry girl, giving her a once over, I speak, "Listen here bitch, I know just about everything on how to please my man, he has marks to prove and he won't be forgetting me anytime soon. So put your claws and eyes away from him or you won't have either of them when I'm done with you."

Well done, Ira.

And then I face Dante, "You have no reason to trust me and believe me I wouldn't be trusting myself either if I were in your place but we have one thing in common, we both love Romero King. I'm not your enemy, circumstances were. Hurting him was the last thing I ever wanted but I would do anything to ensure he is okay and happy, even if it means giving up on my love, life and my entire being."

With that said, I walk out without gauging their reaction and this time I'm the one leading Romero out.

* * * * *

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