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   Chapter 18 Eighteen

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Draped in my boyfriend's arm, tired but thoroughly satisfied after our make up sex, I am in heaven.

Not just any heaven but in my special 'Romero heaven'. Where days are beautiful, where life is beautiful and where everything is beautiful.

This is a place where I feel most safe, loved and cherished. This place is mine and mine alone. I can't even begin to express how much I missed my special place, knowing it was my fault that I lost my right to this place when I left him. It was hell and every second away felt like torture.


I don't know how I survived that.

But now that I'm back here, safely tucked like a cocoon I've no plan of leaving it anytime soon. I might as well make it my permanent home. Yeah, that's more like it.



"I need to go back to my dorm room to-" I should have known it was not safe sentence to start. I feel his body stiffening until he explodes beside be.

"The hell you do!" He barks and then he is up and hovering over me next second.

His glare could send lesser men on their knees but it has very little effect on me. Knowing his vulnerable side has left almost no room for intimidation or cowering away from him, like I would have done when I first met him.

It seems a lifetime ago when being alone with him or in presence of him would have sent me into a sputtering mess. I still vividly remember how it felt the first time his icy eyes landed on me. I felt so many things at once, one of them was an unknown fear and the urge to run away. Clearly I did run but instead of away from him, I ran toward him and kept running until we collided.

So now, ah well, it's world known that Akira Ray craves for Romero King's company and to be sole focus of his undivided attention.

"Just listen to-" I try to speak.

His blue grey eyes flash, "You listen to me, if you think I'm going to let you go back to that place where some sick bastard can have access, you are out of your mind, lady! That fucker is still out there and I don't trust anyone else with you. So get it in this head of yours that you are not living anywhere else but here!"

"But I would need-" I snap my mouth shut again when he continues to speak as if I haven't spoken.

I really shouldn't find his rambling amusing but I do. If he only listens to me once, he would not need to go on with his lecture. Oh well, there is nothing I can do but try to hide my smile.

Holy hell, it's hard but I somehow manage to keep it at bay.

His arms tighten around me as if to make some point, "I asked you to move in with me four months ago and you said you needed time. You got three whole months for yourself and now time is over. I told you before patience isn't my virtue, th

k up to his eyes. He is smirking smugly, "Really, Ray, you have a very dirty mind." He teases, pulling his pants up to cover his better goods.

I sigh with displeasure, hating his pants for hiding them.

I really do have a dirty mind.

"Now, be a good girl and close your eyes. I'll be right back." With that he rushes inside his closet.

Good girl?

I scoff. My arse.

Still, I close my eyes, and wait for him with thrilling anticipation.

"Are you done yet?" I call out, after few minutes of silence.

"No." Comes his muffled reply.

I want to roll my eyes but there's no use of it when he can't see it.

"Rom, for how long are you gonna make me close my eyes?" I huff, getting impatience.

Patience doesn't seem to be my virtue as well.

I feel a movement in front of me and I know he is near by.

"You can open them now." His voice breezes through my ear drum and my eyes open reflectively.

I can't hold back a gasp at the sight before me.

Oh my god.

I blink, once, twice, thrice, it's still there, "It is just... wow!"

In front of me is a huge photo frame with a heading 'My Ray' on the top and the rest of it is filled with hundreds of pictures.

My pictures.

All of them.

Me smiling, sleeping, frowning, grinning, angry, pouting, scowling.

Most of them were taken when I'm not looking at the camera.

I remember few times when he was messing around with his phone, but these photos are unbelievably beautiful.

"You like it?"

I look away from the frame to him, my most beautiful and loving boyfriend, "Love it. Thank you. It's beautiful."

"You're beautiful." There is love, so much love in his eyes that I feel my throat closing up.

I love this boy.

And he is not wrong.

When he looks at me this I feel like I'm most beautiful girl in the world.

* * * * * *

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