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   Chapter 17 Seventeen

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"You know my grandma is quite angry with me." I state.

For a second my mind wanders on the call I will be making later, I can almost hear her saying, 'I have seen much more life than your nineteen year's young soul, Akira Mary Ray. You must know that I'm always right.'

"Yeah? Why?" He murmurs distractedly, as his half of attention is on my breasts that are trying to get out of my shirt.


I tip his chin so he'd look at me and not my boobs, "Because she thinks I was wrong to leave you."

Romero's lip lifts slightly, "I'll have to agree with her."

I sigh, "Okay fine, I admit I was wrong to leave you like that but at that time I didn't know what else to do. Slade and Paul were both looking at me as if I was the reason for your condition and I convinced myself they were right. I would have done anything at the moment to make you all better, thinking I was responsible for everything sliced me open.

"Seeing you lying on that bed, looking so vulnerable is not something I would ever forget. I did what I thought was good for you, I just wanted you to okay. But looking back I don't think I would change my decision if I were given a chance, even knowing leaving you was not the best option, I still wouldn't want to change a thing."

"What? Why?" A frown appearing on his face. I can see his disagreement, that he doesn't like my words.

I lace my arms through his neck and pull him close so I could see his eyes. I smile, "Because even though the time apart was a torture, it has taught me many valuable lessons, like how much you meant to me, like how life without you is almost impossible-"

"Not almost Ray. For me life without you is impossible. There is no if or but, there is no Romero without Akira." His voice fierce, like a vow, a universal truth.

Be still my heart.

I melt in his arms like a chocolate in summer. Hearing his words, the confession, the honesty is almost too much to take.


My smile widens until it starts to hurt, and a small whispers escapes me, "Ditto."

"Now, where the hell was I?" He mutters, moving his eyes back to cleavage.

I giggle, "Rom, stop staring my breasts!"

"You can't blame me because these beauties are practically begging me to touch them. And you don't get to tell me to stop, Ray. I have been without you for so long. Three fucking months! It was hell and now having you so close and yet not able to touch you is killing me. I need to touch you, Ray or I'd die. Die from wanting you more than my next fucking breath." He growls, biting my neck lightly.

I try and successfully s

asing my hair he places his hands on my hips and helps me move up and down on his erection.

"Oh fuck. Ride me, Ray. Yes, just like that."

Encouraged by his response, I fasten my pace, clenching around him.

"Oh God." I pant.

"Fuck, you feel so good. I fucking missed you."

"Ah, Rom, I missed you too."

"Promise me, you won't leave me. No, swear on your parents grave that you will never leave me." His eyes are dilated.

I nod, unable to speak.

Oh my God.

This feels out of the world.

Scratch that!

He feels out of the world.

"Words, Ray. I need you to say it." His sounds stern but I see the hidden fear in his eyes.

So I give him my word.

"I swear, Rom. I swear on my parents grave that I will never leave, never even think about it."

"Good." He grits, his face changing into the expression that tells me he is close to his release.

I increase my speed.




"I'm going to come Ray. I-I can't hold back. Damn it. Tell me you are close too." He demands, his voice hoarse.

I feel my orgasm build, intense and powerful, begging to release, "I'm close."

Oh yes!

It feels....beautiful.

"Come for me, Ray. Come." The passion in his voice breaks me free.

And then it happens.

The explosion.

My scream matches his groan and we both come together, intensely and soundly.

Beyond beautiful.

It was everything.

Exhausted I slump down his chest, wrapping my arms around torso tightly, I sigh.

"You know I missed you, right?" I mumble.

"I think so."

"But I think I missed your body more." I admit sleepy.

I take a great pleasure when his chest vibrates with laughter before drowsiness sweeps me in.

"God, I fucking loving you."

* * * * *

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