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   Chapter 16 Sixteen

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"God, I love you so much." I manage to choke out fighting so many emotions closing up, while clinging to Romero like a damn monkey.

His arms tighten their hold, "And I love you more."

I pull back slightly, only to have a good look of his face, "You don't hate me? For hurting you?"

Untangling his one arm, he raises his hand to caress my cheek with his knuckle, "Never, Darling."

Still uncertain, I voice out, "You are not going to leave me, are you?"

Pressing a chaste kiss to my eyelid, he exhales a deep breath, "Leave you? Woman, I'm going to marry you."


Marry me, just me!

I gape at his open declaration, and even more at my heart's immediate agreement. I wait for the panic to strike me but instead a wave of satisfaction warms me and I realise I would instantly say 'yes' if he were to propose me right at the moment without a single doubt.

Oh, I'm too far in him to think of slowing down or looking back.

I have no other option for my happy ever after. He is the answer of my every question, of each cruel joke life has thrown toward me, of all those nightmares I have faced in years.

He is it for me.

My forever.

My real.


Last time he hinted about marriage and children, I panicked, even though I was sure he was my destiny, I still had a short visit from the emotion called getting cold feet. But it is totally different today, I can't find any sign of anxiety because at the moment all I feel is ecstasy, bliss and anticipation.

And I think I understand the sudden change.

These three months I spent away from him were worse than being in hell, it made me realise how lucky I was to have him in my life and how my life would be without him in it. The time apart taught me to value what I have, instead of looking for more. And I did learn the lesson. At that time I never would have guessed that I'd once again get a chance to be in his arms again, I treasured the memories of every moment we spent together. It wasn't everything but it still was something for me to hold on, to keep going. And now having him all back is like a dream, a miracle and there is no way in hell I'm letting anything come between us.

And if marriage is what it would take, so be it.

I could not care less as long as my love is with

A gay?

And then, so what if she is lesbian? Even lesbians would-

I stop thinking all together when he takes hold of my chin, "This is really bothering you, isn't it?"

I sigh, "I know I'm being stupid but I can't help it. I hate that she got your smile when I couldn't so much get glimpses of it."

"As much I like the thought of you getting jealous and possessive over me, I hate that it upsets you-"

I cut him off, "I know I'm being a baby, but I'll get over it. Don't worry about-"

"Stop." He utters sharply and I do stop. "Now, two things, first, you never have to get over anything you don't want to, you fight me or anyone until it lasts. You hear me?"

I nod promptly.

He looks satisfied, "And two, that smile was never about her."

"What?" Comes out as a rushed breath.

His intense eyes roam all over my face, drinking in, "That smile was for you, Ray. I can't help the way I react when I think about you. It comes to me as natural as breathing. That day Malina was asking about you and I think I smiled unconsciously because I don't actually remember doing it."

The amount of relief, I never knew was possible fills me up until it gets suffocating.

It was never about her.

He smiled for me, thinking of me.

Oh thank God.

"I guess I have no reason to dislike her anymore." I blurt out in my obvious respite.

Romero stares me quietly for a long moment, before he bursts out laughing, it wasn't long before I join him.

I have never felt more alive in past three months.

* * * * *

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