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   Chapter 15 Fifteen

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With a grim expression, I force myself to look back. He has settled himself comfortably on his elbow and is staring me with a knowing look in his eyes.

"I wasn't planning to run." I claim, defensively. My head hurts to speak, it feels like someone is bashing me against a wall.

A devious smirk plants slowly on his lips tell me he knows. No matter how much I deny it and that irritates me further. "I was not."

His one brow shoots up, "Yeah? Then were you planning to go for that imaginary class of yours?" He remarks drily.


"Then what?"

"I was.. I was going to pee!" I exclaim before it registers my mind.


Oh how I am itching to punch his amused face but more than that I want to punch myself.

Pee, seriously?

Real classy, Ray.

And then there is my head, it is still pounding like manic.

"Go ahead then. Don't let me stop you from relieving your physical as well as biological urges."

I blush inspite of myself. Does he really need to grin like fool? Oh, he does look like a fool, a very hot one at that. From his messy hairs to his raspy voice, everything is just super hot about him.

A super hot fool.

With as much elegance I could put on to hide my embarrassment, I climb out of the bed, wincing as the wave of nausea hit me, and start for the bathroom when he stops me again.

"And Ray, "

"Yes?" I don't make any move to turn.

"Don't take too much time in there, yeah? After relieving yourself, that is."

Damn him.

I could hear laughter in his voice. And despite it all, I smile knowing he couldn't see me. It feels good, like before, when we both could tease each other without worry of awkwardness coming in between.

After finishing my morning deeds, I wash my face with the cold water to get rid of haziness. With a throbbing head, I lean against the wall to grasp the flashes of my drunken state restoring back.

I am cringing hard by the point I recall every bit of it, vividly if I might add. Dark angel, pinky promise, advantage, bad girl!

Holly crap!

I really did make a joke of myself last night, didn't I?

Hell I called him pretty! And Alex? Where the hell he came from?

"Does that mean if I suck you like this, it wouldn't be wrong?"

I said that!

How could I?

God, I thew myself on him and then practically forced him to kiss me.

Just kill me already!

I don't want to go outside. I don't want to face him. I want to run and hide somewhere. But it doesn't matter what I want now, does it?

Even if I somehow manage to avoid the confrontation, which itself is an impossibility, that

uch his face tenderly, "Rom, I'm so sorry. I had no idea my actions would hurt you like this. I was not thinking that time, only thing in my mind was to make sure you would be okay. Slade told me how my being in your life was affecting you and I just couldn't bear the fact that I was the reason of your torment. I knew you would never let me go willingly so I had to take that step. Believe me when I say I never wanted to leave you, Rom but I had to. It was agony for me but I would rather kill my heart than be the reason of your misery. I want to be your strength Rom, not your weakness. I want to give you life long happiness, not a lifetime suffering. I'm sorry Rom..." I break into sobs, clutching his shirt in my fist.

"Sshh, darling, don't cry. You know I hate it when you cry." Romero murmurs soothingly.

I hiccup, "But I hurt you so much. I'm so sorry, Rom, please forgive me."

"Of course I forgive you, Ray. Now stop crying. You want to know about Malina, right?" He tries to divert my thoughts and is successful in it.

Still sniffing, I nod.

"When you left, I was so fucking angry and hurt. I just wanted to keep drinking until I died. Then one day Dante came and he made me see from your point of view and I realised if our position were reversed I would have done the same. I also knew I could never live without you, so moving on was not an option. I only had one other choice that could bring you back. As much I hated it, I approached Malina because she is a psychiatrist."

I can't hide the surprise from my face, "You really mean it."

He wipes my tear stained face, "Yes, I mean it."

Oh my God!

Without another word I jump in his arm and hug him as if life dependent on it.

* * * * *

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