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   Chapter 14 Fourteen

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I spin my neck toward the door when I hear it open. It's my Romero, my dark Angel. He is so so so beautiful. And he is mine, isn't he?


Yes, he fucking is!

I dare anyone to disagree, including you, you stupid voice.

"Ra- Akira? What the fuck is going on?" My dark Angel's eyes widen as he watches me cautiously.

"No Akira! Ray. Call me Ray. Like R-A-Y." I turn my whole body in his direction, while still crawling on the floor.

"Ray." He exhales a breath and closes the door behind him. Coming closer to me, my dark Angel bends over and picks me up.

"My bottle." I shriek, trying to reach out. He swats my hand away.

"You have had enough." He states firmly.

"No. I haven't." Hiccupping, I squirm.

"Stay still, Ray." He instructs and I oblige this time.

I touch his face, tracing his jaw and cheekbones. I giggle for nothing and tug his hair, "Prettyy."

The corner of his lip turns up in a barest smile, "Why the hell are you drinking?"

Why am I drinking?

I pout, "To become oblivious."

"Oblivious of what?"

Spreading my arms wide, I shout, "Of everything!"

He settles me on bed carefully and starts to move but I cling to him, tangling my legs over him, "No. Don't leave me."

He breaths deeply in my neck, "I will never leave you, Ray."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

"Pinky promise?" I lift my little finger.

He frowns in confusion, "What's pinky promise?"


I gasp, "You don't know pinky promise?"

He raises his brow, "Should I?"

I pull away from him and nod strictly, "Yes, you should."

"Why don't you teach me then?" He is amused and I don't know what the hell am I doing or saying.

I just know I like being drunk and speaking whatever comes in mind. I also know that my dark Angel is looking so hot and I just want to rip his shirt off and have my way with him.

I narrow my eyes, "Okay. Give me your hand and now intervene our little finger. Yes, exactly like that. It's called pinky promise. You never break it or God would punish you. You understand?"

"Yes mam."

For no reason I find that funny, hell everything seems funny right now. I half laugh and half groan, "I am mam and you are my dark Angel." I grin stupidly.

His eyes gleam with mirth, "Dark angel?"

"Yes. Darker than night and beautiful than angel. You know Alex calls me Angel too." I utter.

Where the hell Alex came from?

I should stop but my mouth and hands seem to have mind of their own.

"Does he now?" My dark angel asks darkly.

I ignore his tone, "Yes he do

dropping down in drowsiness.

"And why is that?" I distantly catch him question.

I curl my body against him and sigh in content, "Because we are still girlfriend and boyfriend here but tomorrow we might not be."

I think I hear him mumble, "We'll always be." But I can not be sure about it. It could be my mind messing with me.

I feel his arm tightening around me, securing me in his protective hold. He lays his head in the crook of my neck, inhaling me in.

With one last smile, I doze off in another peaceful sleep.

• • •

I wake up feeling a heavy weight of something on me. That something stirs above me and I realise it's not something but someone sprawling above me. On opening my eyes wide I find it's Romero.

What the-?

I try to recall what happened last night and nothing but a pounding headache turns up its ugly face. I remember drinking tequila directly from bottle and then there is a blank. What the actual heck I did last night?

Stupid, stupid me!

I must have made a fool of my myself. And what if I have done something really embarrassing? Like pleading him to take me back or worse begging him to come back to me.

I turn my attention back to his sleeping form. He is breathing softly and his heart beat sounds even. I decide it would be best if I could escape right now and avoid the upcoming awkward confrontation where I would have to face all the embarrassment.

I slowly grip his arm and remove it from my waist, ignoring the disappointed scream of my body. Untangling my leg from his, I start shifting to the edge of the bed. Just as I reach the end and about to swing, Romero's husky voice stops me.

"Planning to run away?"


* * * * *

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