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   Chapter 13 Thirteen

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He didn't.

Infact he looked confused when I indirectly asked about her and then he bloody smirked in amusement! He said 'she'll manage.' I just assumed he has a girlfriend and that arse, he played me, didn't he?

But what about that girl I saw him with? Who was she then? And why the hell did he smile at her?


"Not directly but I saw him with a girl yesterday." And he smiled with her!

Why did he have to smile?

Martha snorts, "So you just assumed?"

"Well yeah." I shrug.

What else I was supposed to do when he was having a chit chat with some girl? And smiling also!

A slow smile forms on her lip, "You were jealous and jealousy is a petty emotion. It often spins our thinking in opposite direction."

Was I?

Hell yeah, I was!

I am still burning with jealousy. Oh how wish I had broken his face when he was smiling. But I was too much in pain that time to think any of this.

"I think you should talk to him. Maybe you can find your answers as well as the way to work things out between you two." She states and gets up from her position.

"Maybe I will." I whisper to myself whe

my choices by pros and cons I decide to opt later one. It has most accurate tendency to make person feel like an amnesic mess.

I walk over to bar placed on the corner of room. It wasn't here before, he must have used it in my absence to forget everything like I'm tempted to right now.

I take one bottle and find it as vodka, grimacing I set it aside and pick out another one.


Got it!

I smile in triumph and remove it's cap.

Taking a sip, I gag a little as the new burning sensation hits my throat. Inhaling a deep breath, I put the tip back on my lips and take more than three sips in a single gulp.


It feels amazing.

And then suddenly room starts to spin around and with a loud thud, I fall on my butt.

* * * * *

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