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   Chapter 12 Twelve

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My phone's ringing wakes me up.


Blinking my eyes open I shut it off instantly, afraid it would alarm my Ray. Glancing at her I see her sleeping soundlessly.

Thank fuck!

Checking over the screen, I find it's my PI. I message him, instead of calling back. 'Tell me your update.'

I receive an instant reply, 'I have got all the information. Do you need me to bring it to you?'

I type back, 'Don't bring it here. I will meet you in an hour at my hotel.'

Shoving my phone into my pocket I let my eyes roam over my Ray. She looks so peaceful, sleeping like a child, guarded in a cocoon. I clutch my fingers tightly when the need to touch her overwhelms me.


I fucking hate not being able to touch her whenever I want to. It's torture.

She is mine, goddammit!

I fight the urge to laugh bitterly. She thinks I have some other girlfriend. Doesn't she know that she still is my girl and would always be. Does she has so little faith in our love?

My beautiful girl, you just need to take one step forward and I'll cover the rest of them.

One step, Ray. Come to me.

She is stubborn little thing and I know she'd take her sweet little time before giving in. I hope like fuck she'd do it before I loss my patience and haul her myself.

Sighing in frustration, I straighten up from the chair and bend down to kiss her forehead.

'I love you, Ray.'

I get my ass out of the room before my resolve could break down.




Hot sun rays peek inside the curtain forcing me to squint my eyes. Reluctantly I open them and pull myself out of the peaceful sleep. I haven't slept this harmonious in so long and coming out of it is like leaving heaven.

"Good afternoon, Miss. Ray."

I blink at the sound and sit up. Martha is the real culprit of disturbin

ce him. Not that it matters to him, he loves you for you, not your body but still."

My eyes widen on its record. Since when she became so bold? Maybe she always was but didn't let it out?

A blush immediately makes it way up to my cheeks, and I sputter, "I-I don't want to entice him."

Her brows shoot up, "And why not? Don't you love him?"

"I do love him!"

"Then why? You would just let that love go away? You wouldn't even fight for that?"

I close my eyes as misery attacks me, "It's not that beside he has a new girlfriend now and-"

"What are you talking about?"

I snap my eyes open and find her frowning in confusion, "His new girlfriend. You don't know?"

He really haven't brought her here?

Her frown deepens, "As far as I know you were and are the only girl in his life. And I refuse to believe his love could be that shallow. You tell me, do you honestly believe he can move on so fast?"

I gaze at my portrait hanging behind her, the tender filled look he used to give, the look he gave me last night rushes back in my mind, and I shake my head, "No, I don't but he-"

"No buts. Did he say anything about having a girlfriend?"

I try to recall if he had indeed said anything.


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