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   Chapter 10 Ten

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He called me Ray, his Ray. The Ray he loves, no, the Ray he used to love. Momentarily I forget what happened between us and absorb the luxury of being in his arms again.

Who knows when would I get this chance again? If ever.

For now I just want to revel in it and erase all the terrible things happened today.

Suppressing tears of my uncontrolled happiness, I cling to him as tightly I could, afraid he'd disappear again. My rationality is screaming from somewhere to stop this madness but I'm too far gone to care about it. The only thing getting into me is he came when I need him the most, that he still somewhat cares about me, that I'm not nothing to him.

"Tell me you are okay." He whispers in my hair with a desperation and urgency that shakes my gut.

I nod in his chest, too comfortable to move. I can hear his unstable heartbeat and his short ragged breath.

"Words Ray. I need to hear you say it. I need- fuck! Tell me." His body trembles against mine and his hold tightens into bone crushing grip.

I quickly look up in his grey eyes that I missed staring at and say, "I'm okay." Now that you are here.

He exhales a deeps breath as though he was deprived of it and clamps his jaws tight. "You are coming with me."

I will go to hell with you. My heart whispers longingly but at the very same moment my brain starts working again and I realise I've no right to hold him like this or to go anywhere with him. The thought brings immense amount of pain with it.

Oh God why!

I can't keep doing the same thing again and again.

It only ends up breaking me more.

I loosen my grip and take a small step back. I open my mouth to speak, instantly a finger is on my lips stopping me to argue.

His eyes turn determines as he once again pulls me tightly against

g with me. Do you have any problem?"

She seems to be at loss of words, "Well, if she is willing then no. I don't have any problem."

Romero lets out a hollow chuckle that churns my stomach in bad way, "She is willing, all right. And even if she wasn't I'd like to see you try and stop me."

Sydney quickly steps back, as though she could sense the dark emotions looming over him and looks over me in question. I nod in response and try to tell her I'm fine through my eyes. Rom doesn't let me stay longer to see if she got my message.

Within blink of eyes we are out of door and his car. He doesn't give me a second glance after pushing me on seat and fastening my seatbelt. Whole ride back is filled with highly rigid tension. I momentarily question my sanity. What the hell was I thinking coming with him?

Oh yes, that would be my selfishness of having him close to me.

But am I strong enough to come out of it unscathed this time?

He is obviously still angry at me and is going to give me cold shoulder. I feel a ting of regret for my indecent decision. I probably shouldn't have come with him and put up more resistance but my selfish part doesn't let me dwell on it any further.


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