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   Chapter 9 Nine

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I am lying on a bed, I realise this as soon I come to sense and also that, that was just a dream or a flashback of my memory.

I snap my eyes open and observe my surrounding. I'm lying in Sydney's room. What happened? I groan and start to get up when a wave of images hit me. Oh God! That dead cat in my room wasn't a nightmare. Someone really put it there.

"Hello, Miss."

Blinking, I fix my eyes toward the voice. I recognise him, he is Dr. McNair. He had treated Romero when he was found unconscious. A profound hope fills my heart, is Romero here? Did he bring the doctor?

"Hello, doctor." I greet him and try to look past to see Romero. He is nowhere to be seen.

I slump deeper in bed. He didn't come.

"Are you still feeling dizzy?" He questions just as door opens revealing Sydney.

"No, I'm good." I mutter.

Syd crosses the room, looking relieved and sits beside me, "Oh thank God, you are awake. You scared the fuck out of me."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"

"Of course you didn't. It's not something you could control."

"Ahem, " Doc clears his throat to gain our attention, "I did some check up and there is nothing wrong with you, just a little weakness. When was the last time you eat something?"

"I have had a hot chocolate this evening-"

He gives me a pointed look, "Something proper, Miss. Ray."

Something proper?

I frown, "I-I think it was... Monday?"

He lets out a breath of disapproval, "You need to eat or your condition could get worse."

Sydney interrupts giving me a stern look, "Don't worry doctor, I'll make sure she eats regularly."

Dr. McNair nods, "Please do take care of yourself Miss. I'll take my leave now."

"Thank you doctor, Lucas will drop you off." Smiling politely, he leaves the room.

"Lucas?" I ask, confused.

"Yes Lucas. After you fainted I didn't know what

s for him, "Am I the reason?" I dare to ask, fearing his answer.

He shakes his head, "I am the reason. I betrayed his trust. You were just a way of it. You did nothing wrong, I did every wrong here."

I sit up and swing my leg down to stand up, "Can't you do something to change this? He cares for you too, you know? I know he does. He thinks of you as brother, he is just angry. Once he cools down he will listen and understand. Give him some time-"

"Not over this. I cost him the only thing he has ever loved. He will never forgive me, not for this."

The only thing he has ever loved.

I used to be that one thing but now I'm not. And I would never be the only one.

"I left him by my own choice. You just showed-"

The door bursts open cutting me off.



Am I imagining him again?

I don't think, I don't care, I don't react. I stand still and stare at his tortured face as he looks me from up to down, as if searching for something.

My heartbeat accelerates, I close my eyes and open them again.

He is here.

Oh my God!

He is really here.

Covering the distance in three strides, he swoops me in his arm, breathing me in.

I go limp as a cry of joy escapes me.

He came.

* * * * *

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